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What is School Management?

School Management – ​​Education & Learning Management system for WordPress is a WordPress plugin for managing multiple schools and their entities, such as classes, areas, students, exams, ID cards, admissions cards, teachers, staff, fees, chemistry, etc. applications, income, expenses, bulletin boards, learning materials and more. Admin can control Student and Parent Dashboard.

Payment Gateway: Paypal, Stripe, Pesapal, Paystack, Razorpay, PayTM

SMS Service Providers: Nexmo, Twilio, MsgClub, SMS Striker, Msg91, TextLocal, EBulkSMS, Infigo SMS

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School Management – ​​Education & Learning Management


 School Management Features

Multi-School Management:- Add multiple fields, assign administrators and classes to each field to manage each field.

Session Management:- Create a new session and keep all records of previous sessions.

Class and Section Management: – Administrators can create classes and assign them to fields. For each class, there can be multiple layer sections.

Student Management:- School administrators and staff with the necessary permissions can make new admissions to the school by assigning them an admission, grade, section, and roll number. Additionally, for each student record in a session, a new enrollment number is automatically generated.

Inquiries Management:- Display request form for a field in a page using shortcode. Plus, get school questions, add next dates, and take notes for questions.

Encourage students to:- Motivate students to move up to a new class for a new session. This creates a new student enrollment for the next session.

Transfer students:- Transfer students from one school to another. This also tracks students transferring to and from school.

Student attendance:- Student attendance daily. Print a class attendance sheet. In addition, students can view their attendance report in the dashboard.

Student Dashboard:- Students view their tuition report, admission details, ID card, etc. and pay the remaining fees using the appropriate payment method.

Roles and Permissions:- Create custom roles like teacher, accountant and assign them the necessary permissions according to the role so that they are limited in managing the school entities assigned to them.

Designation of School Administrators and Staff: – The Multi-School Administrator assigns an administrator to a field. School administrators can create any number of staff members with roles to manage the school.

Notification Panel Widget:- It has a bulletin board widget that displays notifications to the widget section of your website. Here you can change the number of notifications, widget height and width to incorporate your website design.

Distributing Research Papers: – School staff with the necessary permission may add class study materials. These learning materials will show up on the student dashboard, allowing them to download and view the learning materials.

Student homework:- School staff and teachers with the necessary permission can add Housework to classes.

These household works will show on the student dashboard section and the students receive SMS notifications, Housework details can be sent on the Parents and Student’s Mobile Phones.

Automated Notifications via Email, SMS and Custom Templates:- Send SMS and email notifications to students at the time of new admission, generate fee invoices, generate payment receipts, etc. SMS providers include Nexmo, Twilio, MsgClub, SMS Striker, Msg91 SMS, TextLocal and more than that.

Exam Administration:- Create quiz, add test, test center, time, date and room number for a class or multiple classes.

Publishing Test Time Table: – Option to publish exam timetable will show on student dashboard or you can use shortcode to display exam timetable on a specific page of your website.

Create Admission Card:- For each exam, create an admission card for the student. Additionally, publish admissions cards that students can download from the student dashboard section.

Management Accountant :- This includes fee invoice generation, payment collection, income management, and expense management.

Create Fee Invoice: – Select students from classes and generate tuition invoices in bulk or for a single student. This also supports partial or lump sum collection.

Form of fee collection:- Display a fee collection form on a page using a shortcode that allows students to search for their name and view pending fee invoices. Students can pay tuition by payment method.

Payment via Stripe, Razorpay, Pesapal: – Fee payment can be done using Stripe payment gateway or Razorpay, Pesapal.

Print Fee Invoice and Payment Receipt: – After adding the fee invoice, it supports to print the fee invoice. Also, after paying, students or staff can print payment receipts.

Expense and Income Management: – Add expense categories and income categories. Add cost and date wise results for a school.

Student Dashboard:- In the student dashboard, students can view the bulletin board, print their ID card, view their pending fee invoices, make payments, and view their payment history. In addition, they can download study materials, exam timetables, application forms and much more.

Student Login Widget and Shortcode:- Student login form can be displayed on page via shortcode and you can also put login widget on your website.

School Management – Education & Learning Management system for WordPress Nulled Free  Changelogs

“Download School Management v10.1.5 – Education & Learning Management system for WordPress Nulled Free
v10.1.5 [31-10-2022]

  • Added: student id proof view
  • Added: School description
  • Added: notice description with title
  • Added: study material downloadable checkbox
  • Added: homework downloadable checkbox
  • Added: School description, notice description with title, study material downloadable, homework downloadable parameters also added in school plugin api
  • Added: invoice history currency sign is fixed”

v10.1.4 [24-08-2022]

  • Added: Google play store app url option.
  • Added: Front-end inquiry form redirect option added to settings.
  • Added: Bulk Print results

v10.1.3 [1-08-2022]

  • Updated: registration form settings.
  • Fixed : Survey notice was showing in school setting sometimes.
  • Fixed : QR Code was not displaying on admit card properly.
  • Fixed : QR Code was not displaying on exam result card properly.
  • Fixed : Exam result teacher and school remark notice fixed.
  • Updated: father and mother name is changed to possessive form.
  • Updated: Gmail email Setup information.

v10.1.2 [12-07-2022]]

  • Fixed : Exam results Psychomotor save issue.
  • Fixed : Student attendance issue (holidays was counting in absents).
  • Fixed : Student attendance issue fixed in student dashboard.
  • Fixed : Staff attendance issue (holidays was counting in absents).
  • Changed: Roll number is now section wise.
  • Fixed : Noticeboard issue.

v9.9.5 [22-04-2022]

  • Updated: textlocal sms api

v9.9.4 [07-04-2022]
– Updated: expenses will show according to sessions.
– Fixed : fee structure issue fixed on student dashboard
– Added : bulk invoice payment option added.
– Fixed : Extra fee was not adding when registering student.
– Updated: student status can be seen in students table.
– Added : bdbulksms api.
– Fixed : invoice students issue when section is selected.
– Fixed : amount will be comma separated if value is greater then 3 number.
– Added : due amount added to payments history.


Updated: Now currency is saved by school wise.
Updated: Now multiple days can be selected when created timetable.
Updated: Now multiple classes can be selected when assigning subject to classes.
Fixed : Live classes assigned live classes for bigbluebutton fixed.
Added : Attendance monthly view, now students can check specific month attendance.
Fixed : for some user when class is selected sections was not showing.
Fixed : When creating fee type Fee invoice calculation amount calculation layout changed.
Fixed : Exam notices.
Fixed : Big blue button API re-added with cleaner interface with zoom live classes.
Fixed : Student csv bulk import issue Fixed.
Updated : when importing student fee type will assign to student.
Updated : when importing or registering student combine fee type invoice title has changed.
Updated : Invoices will be created according to fee types, when students are imported in bulk.
Updated : Live classes sections filter added.
Fixed : In some cases When collecting invoice 1 was added to amount.
Updated : Registration form settings now will apply for this shortcode as well now [school_management_registration].
Fixed : invoice number was jumping in fee type invoice.
Added : Registration form setting for all school.
Added : Homework submission rest api request.

Version 9.9.1 [08-02-2022]
– Fixed: student dashboard leave translation for “Leave for Multiple Days” and ‘Leave for Single Day’.
– Fixed: payment history export invoice title issue.
– Fixed: attachment class not found issue.
– Fixed: homework submission issue on student dashboard.

v9.9 [04-01-2022]
– Added: income and expense file attachment option.
– Fixed: template id added in notification.

v9.5 [10-11-2021]
* Added: now you can also assign holidays when taking student attendance.
* Added: section issue has been fixed for host users.
* Added: invoice issue where when you have invoice copy enabled it was showing the doubled amount.
* Fixed: inquiries data not been save after update.
* Fixed: invoice currency symbol issue fixed.

Version 9.3 [20-09-2021]
* Added: Bulk import books.
* Added: Bulk import Staff.
* Fixed: Sections occur when updating plugin issue from old plugin version .

v8.7 [28-06-2021]
* Added : Noticeboard now you can select multiple students.
* Added : students absent placeholder fixed.

v8.5 [16-06-2021]
* Added : Psychomotor analysis to exam result.
* Added : Psychomotor analysis to exam result assessment.

v8.4 [08-0-2021
-Fixed : Invoice Number Skiping bug fixed.
-Updated: Amount by fee structure it will show the pending amount.

= v8.2 [19-05-2021] =
* Attendance: bug fixes.
* Fixed : Point SMS api Updated.
* Added : Template ID added

= Version 8.1 [04-05-2021] =
Added : Hostel module is added with school package.
-Added : now room can be assigned when student register
-updated: fee periods

= v8.0 [16-04-2021] =
-Added : Show teacher remark added in exam result (Optional )
-Added : Show school remark added in exam result (Optional )
-Updated: In Exam Subject Remark Made Optional settings
-Updated: Teacher and school remark setting will take effect for exam result and student result assessment both.
-Added : Hostel management addon added to the school management plugin ( This is added as an extra plugin. )
-Added : In single fee invoice total amount added.

= v7.9 [05-04-2021] =
-Fixed : Attendance can not see February attendance issue fixed.
-Added : Discount is added in Student admission form in back-end for invoices.
-Added : New bulksmsgateway SMS API Added.
-Updated: Fee type list will now show total as well.
-Updated: Discount is now in percentage instead of the amount.
-Added : Student Due Date Invoice SMS notification template.
-Added : Student Due Date Invoice Email notification template.
-Updated: Student Invoice layout..

= v7.8 [24-03-2021] =
-Added : Registration setting for student approval.
-Updated: Zabra date-picker library.
-Added : If school is inactive school admin can not access the school.
-Updated: Fee Type minor bug fixed.
-Updated: Fee invoice new feature added for fee type list in one invoice.
-Changed: On student admission auto fee generate feature is changed now it creates combine fee invoices if (student dashboard is not checked).
-Added : Now if school is inactive students can not login in that school.
-Fixed : Student auto generate Roll number bug fixed (it was not increasing after 10).
-Added : School signature in admit card and student detail.

= v7.7 [23-02-2021] =
-Added : Subject wise attendance
-Fixed : Multi school students registration shortcode notices.
-Fixed : Noticeboard bug fixed.
-Updated: Payment method Have more information about supported countries.
-Updated: school-management.pot file updated languages translation.

= v7.3 [23-01-2021] =
-Added : Study material now support videos as well.
-Changed: Study material now you have to select class and subject (sections can be selected all or single).
-Fixed : Noticeboard bug Fixed ( Notices was not showing on student dashboard ).
-Added : Zoom API settings tab added to SM school settings ( Guide how to setup Zoom API keys ).
-Added : Zoom PAI settings input link is added for staff users.
-Changed: In zoom live classes – now class, subject and teacher field is required.
-Added : Settings added for Auto generate roll number.

= Version 7.2 [13-01-2021] =
* Added : India Text sms api added.
* Fixed : inquiry class issue fixed.

= Version 7.1 [29-12-2020] =
* Changed: Zoom Live classes are separated by staff users.

Version 7.0 [24-12-2020]
* Fixed : Fee type bug fixed.
* Fixed : url redirect bug fixed.

= Version 6.9 [21-12-2020] =
* Fixed : Fee type bug fixed.

Version 6.8 [17-12-2020]
* Updated : Class wise fee type.
* Updated : gender show hide option
* Updated : fee receipt layout.
* Updated : admission for updated.

v6.7 [24-11-2020]
* Updated : SMS Settings Infigo point & MsgClub.

v6.6 [18-11-2020]
* Added : New Role permission.
* Added : You can select subject in homework.
* Added : Stats addded in Accounting.
– PHP Version 7.4.10 Compatibility.
-[Feature] Admin can delete multiple addmision data.
-[Fixed] RTL Compatibility issue.
-[Fixed] RTL Language Translation issue.
-[Fixed] access rights issue.
-[Fixed] Site Health issue.
-[Fixed] GUI Issue in all module.
-[Fixed] Responsive Issue.

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