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What is Shoptimizer?

Shoptimizer Theme is a FAST WooCommerce theme that comes packed with features designed to help you convert more users into customers.

If you need a fast WooCommerce theme optimized for conversions and sales, you can just choose Shoptimizer! Speed, design and conversion are the keys of Shoptimizer Theme

With over 5,000 extensions, there are ways to add extra functionality to your store


Best SEO Ranking: Search engines are a huge part of the performance of most businesses, as well as an essential component of the buyer funnel and ultimately incentivizing user engagement.

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Shoptimizer Theme – The Fastest WooCommerce Features 

Features Shoptimizer Theme
  • Minified and Critical CSS are automatically generated
  • Updates to Shoptimizer will target performance and page loading speed, which makes this theme the most optimized on the market.
  • Fulfill orders faster with options including removing header, footer and sidebar
  • Callback request feature: replace phone number with ‘Call me back’ option
  • Add key information next to the buy button
  • When scrolling down an individual product, a sticky bar holds the product thumbnail, title, price, and add to cart button
  • Use trust badges at critical stages
  • It’s easy to include a sales countdown on each product
  • Display orders in real time and increase conversion rate
  • Shoptimizer has included an extra field for WooCommerce categories allowing for better SEO optimization
  • Find items faster by navigating to the product customers are looking for in seconds.
  • Shoptimizer uses this full-featured Elementor page builder that allows you to create sophisticated layouts without knowing coding.
  • The included Mega Menu support is a great way to present subcategories and featured products
  • Demo is available you just need to enter through 1 click
  • In addition to Elementor, Shoptimizer is also compatible with other page builders such as: Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin, Visual Composer, etc.

Changelog Shoptimizer – The Fastest WooCommerce Theme Nulled Free

v2.5.2 – 12-03-2022

Tweak – Select options button in sticky bar now scrolls to the variations form.

Tweak – Minor style improvements when using Elementor Pro on single product pages.

Tweak – Previous/next products option performant code refactor.

Compatibility – Better styling when using the official ‘WooCommerce Quick View’ plugin.

Product gallery – NEW performance-focused gallery for single product pages. See why it’s the fastest performing gallery for WooCommerce.

Ajax search – Fix for SQL message being displayed.

Ajax search – Special characters now display correctly in the search suggestions.

Waitlist – Fix for waitlist form not displaying for certain variations.

Wishlist – Improved display when long product IDs are used.

v2.5.1 – 01-03-2022
Minimum PHP requirement bumped to 7.3.33 (latest secure version of PHP 7.3)
Fix for shoptimizer-metaboxes.php error.

 v2.4.5 – 10-08-2021

* Tweak – Select options button in sticky bar now scrolls to the variations form.
* Tweak – Minor style improvements when using Elementor Pro on single product pages.
* Tweak – Previous/next products option performant code refactor.
* Compatibility – Better styling when using the official ‘WooCommerce Quick View’ plugin.

v2.4.4 – 19-07-2021
* New – ‘Thank You Custom Area’ widget (Appearance > Widgets), allows you to add custom content at the end of the thank you page.
* Tweak – Distraction-free checkout option now excludes thank you page.
* Tweak – Thank you page style tweaks.
* Tweak – Better content top padding when breadcrumbs aren’t active.
* Tweak – sale prices are now bolded.
* Fix – PDP sticky bar will no longer show average rating if ‘Display reviews’ option is disabled.
* Fix – [aria-*] attributes do not match their roles.
* Fix – PHP Notice: Undefined variable: sku.
* Fix – 404 page products shadow on hover.
* Fix – Elementor Pro – when products shortcode is used and 3 columns is selected, the grid now displays correctly.

v2.4.3 – 03-06-2021
* Fix – An additional check to see if a sizes attribute is present.
* Tweak – Coupon button hover color now matches the other buttons.

= v2.4.1 =
* Fix – Reduced sensitivity of ‘Show Filters’ button on mobile when scrolling past it.
* Tweak – Removed JS classes applied to category description area
* Tweak – Reworked category description markup and CSS of PLPs, CLS is now 0.
* Tweak – PLP category image dimensions now outputted.
* Tweak – PDP sticky bar now loads the smaller woocommerce_gallery_thumbnail image size.
* Tweak – Use smaller woocommerce_gallery_thumbnail image size for sticky bar on PDPs.
* Accessibility – Use aria-label for quantity selectors.

= v2.4.0 – 05-05-2021 =
* New – ‘Blank canvas’ page template. Removes header and footer. Ideal for custom landing pages.
* Fix – Displaying single products using a shortcode functionality and styling improved.
* Accessibility – Quantity selector ‘Links are not crawlable’ GPSI warning resolved on PDPs.
* Tweak – Default H2 headings now 600 weight.
* Tweak – Width of category images when no description is present is 100% again.
* Tweak – H1s added to the product description area matches default H1 style.
* Tweak – Minor RTL improvements on PDPs.

= v2.3.9 – 21-04-2021 =
* Fix – Ensure coupon field on cart page is 16px to fix mobile iOS zoom.
* Tweak – Better max-width CSS display for category images to reduce flash of image resize.
* Tweak – Replaced checkout loading spinner gif with inline svg.
* Tweak – Product category banner can now also apply to product tags.
* Tweak – Blog grid layout style improvements.
* Tweak – Product description H2 now correctly corresponds to the typography H2 setting.
* Tweak – Some Elementor 3.2 compatability updates.
* Removed – Display pagination theme option due to conflict with YITH infinite scrolling plugin.

= v2.3.8 – 24-03-2021 =
* Fix – Tapping the x on the mobile PDP gallery sometimes triggered the cart sidebar.
* Fix – Ajax search option not appearing when Header 4 layout selected.
* Fix – Mega menu hover overlay now covers footer.
* Tweak – Checkout and cart inputs now use 16px font sizes to prevent zoom on iOS.
* Tweak – Request a Quote plugin responsive styling tweaks.

= v2.3.7 – 15-03-2021 =
* Update – Typography 2.0 filter support.
* Tweak – Better PDP info bar styling when long strings are present.
* Tweak – Improved WooCommerce Bundle styling.
* Tweak – Improved WooCommerce Request a quote styling.

= v2.3.6 – 04-03-2021 =
* Fix – Elementor Pro can now overwrite the 404 template.
* Fix – variable_id PHP warning.
* Update – Languages pot file updated with additional strings.
* Tweak – RTL vertical gallery layout.

= v2.3.5 – 18-02-2021 =
* Fix – PHP error if WC is deactivated.
* Fix – PDP Ajax add to cart for external products functionality improved.
* Tweak – Variations tick icon JS now correctly displays when a variation is selected.
* Tweak – Small adjustment to the open sidebar cart vanilla JS.
* Tweak – Germanized plugin can now update variation prices dynamically.
* Tweak – <select> font display improvement in Firefox for Windows.

= v2.3.4 – 08-02-2021 =
* New – Mobile cart page experimental theme option: collapses the table cells into rows. Useful for certain sites with a lot of long product title strings, or German sites which need to display more information e.g. tax data. Appearance > Customize > Layout > WooCommerce
* Fix – Modal css loading fix when certain options are selected.
* Fix – Tagline theme option now saves correctly without needing to reapply it.
* Fix – WooCommerce sidebar position on the archives template.
* Tweak – Updated quantity.min.js file.
* Tweak – Cart table on checkout page now has slightly larger thumbnails and more flexible markup.

= v2.3.3 – 27-01-2021 =
* New – Option to include My Account icon and link in mobile header.
* Fix – Ajax PDP error message bar display.
* Fix – Error if WC is deactivated.
* Fix – HTML validation issue.
* Fix – Styling when widget menu is used in footer.
* Tweak – New languages .pot file included.
* Tweak – Better mega menu transition timing when hovering on and off quickly.

= v2.3.2 – 20-01-2021 =
* Fix – Added to cart message doesn’t get added to other pages.
* Fix – Reduced sensitivity of mobile filters button so it doesn’t open when scrolling past it.
* Fix – JS error when WooCommerce ajax option was disabled.
* Fix – Additional <h1> tag removed.
* Fix – Reverted decision to disable Rivolicons by default.
* Tweak – Minor RTL improvements.
* Tweak – Improved menu widget styling.
* Tweak – Sale price color in CommerceKit ajax search results dropdown now matches theme option.

= V2.3.1 – 13-01-2021 =
* Fix – Mobile menu tap event improvement.
* Fix – Update button on cart page fixed.
* Fix – Sidebar body class now added to WooCommerce taxonomy pages.

= V2.2.9 =
* Fix – Mobile filter doesn’t appear if sidebars are not active.
* SEO – Product category image alt tag is now used if present.
* Tweak – YITH Ajax Filter plugin styling improvements.
* Tweak – Filter by attribute widget dropdown no longer overlaps sticky menu.
* Tweak – Improved default gallery styling.
* Tweak – Lots of RTL improvements.
* Tweak – Mobile footer style issue fixed if Elementor used.
* Tweak – Width and height if SVGs are added to the top bar widget area
* Tweak – Top bar widgets now centered on mobile
* Fix – Dropdown arrow color in Header 4
* Fix – Wishlist icon was overlapping mobile Header 4

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