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What is The Plus Addon for Elementor?

ThePlus Addons for Elementor is the largest and most innovative Addon for Elementor Page Builder. Awarded as the best Elementor Addons by industry experts. Top extensions: 60+ Elementor Widgets, 18+ Elementor Page Demos and 300+ UI Blocks built in element.

This addon is made for Elementor, includes all the best elementor addons made for innovation and creativity.

ThePlus Addons for Elementor has the most amazing customization options available to make this addon the ultimate elementor addon. POSIMYTH has created every widget with the utmost attention to detail and this is a fully responsive set of elementor addon.

ThePlus Addons for Elementor has extensive elements, some of them are mailchimp, icon box, Customized Contact form 7 and others. POSIMYTH has managed to make this addon the biggest addon elementor ever in terms of customization, performance, options and creativity.

Plus Addon for Elementor Demo

The Plus – Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin Features

Features The Plus - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin
  • Info Box
  • Buttons
  • Pricing Tables
  • Stylist List
  • Video
  • Countdown
  • Heading Title
  • Advance Text Block
  • Social Icon
  • Gallery Grid
  • Gallery Masonry
  • Gallery Metro
  • Client Carousel
  • Client CSS Filters
  • Client Messy Columns
  • Client Load More
  • Columns
  • Client Center Mode
  • Before After
  • Animated Text
  • Smooth Scroll
  • Image Cascading
  • Creative Images
  • FlipBox
  • Dynamic Devices
  • Switcher
  • Accordions
  • Tabs/Tours
  • Row Background
  • Parallax Background
  • Segment Background
  • Canvas Background
  • Gallery Background
  • Client Grid
  • Client Masonry
  • Client Lazy Load
  • Blog Design Styles
  • Blog Grid
  • Blog Masonry
  • Blog Metro
  • Blog Carousel
  • Blog Filter
  • Blog Messy Columns
  • Blog Stagger Load
  • Blog Lazy Load
  • Blog Pagination
  • Blog Load More
  • Testimonials Style 1
  • Testimonials Style 2
  • Testimonials Style 3
  • Testimonials Style 4
  • Testimonials Center
  • Mode
  • Testimonials Messy

The Plus – Addon For Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin Changelog

Update : Product Listing: Out of Stock product price option
Update : Info Box: Carousel Layout Background Image option
Update : Coupon Code: Hide Link and Masking Text option in Standard Click Type
Update : Coupon Code: Tab Reverse link option in Standard Popup Type
Update : Coupon Code: Compatibility with custom loop in Dynamic Listing widget
Update : Search Bar: In Result Visibility Settings “Total Result” Text dynamic
Update : Search Bar: Result area link option Self or New Tab
Update : Social Review: Curl SSL Verify Peer option
Update : Video : Self Hosted video lazyload
Update : Woo Product Images: Link option in Feature Image
Update : Tabs & Tour : Arrow option
Update : Advertisement Banner: Font-Awesome Inline compatibility
Update : Animated Service Boxes: Font-Awesome Inline compatibility
Update : Button: Font-Awesome Inline compatibility
Update : Header Meta Content: Font-Awesome Inline compatibility
Update : Mobile Menu: Font-Awesome Inline compatibility
Update : Navigation Menu: Font-Awesome Inline compatibility
Update : Post Search: Font-Awesome Inline compatibility
Update : Pricing Table: Font-Awesome Inline compatibility
Update : Syntax Highlighter: Font-Awesome Inline compatibility
Update : Table Of Content: Font-Awesome Inline compatibility
Update : Timeline: Font-Awesome Inline compatibility
Update : Woo Single Basic: Font-Awesome Inline compatibility
Update : WP Login & Register : Font-Awesome Inline compatibility
Update : Search FIlter: Font-Awesome Inline compatibility
Update : Coupon code : Backdrop Filter option in Modal Popup and Overlay
Update : Login & Signup : Backdrop Filter option
Update : Accordion: Backdrop Filter option in Title and Content
Update : Tabs & Tours: Backdrop Filter option in Title, Navigation Area and Content
Update : Process/Steps: Backdrop Filter option in Icons and Content
Update : Hotspot: Backdrop Filter option in Content
Fix : Row Background: Creative Background Image Attachment fixed bug fix
Fix : Page Scroll: Horizontal Scroll Slide/Anchor ID bug fix
Fix : Accordion content empty bug fix
Fix : Contact Form 7: Checkbox position bug fix

Version 5.0.6
Security Badge : Patchstack Security Audit Successfully Performed
Security Update : Few Security Updates
Fix : Tabs & Tours: Active tab minor bug fix
Fix : Search Filter improvements
Fix : Search Bar improvements
Fix : Mailchimp : First Name icon bug fix

Version 5.0.5
Update : Coupon Code : Scratch Coupon Type
Update : Coupon Code : Slide Out Coupon Type
Update : Listing Widgets : Pagination Next & Previous dynamic text
Update : Syntax Highlighter : Language text option in Toolbar
Update : Syntax Highlighter : Copy & Copied text and Icon option
Update : Syntax Highlighter : Download button and Icon option
Update : Mega Menu Post type exclude from search
Fix : Search Filter minor bug fix and improvements
Fix : Table : Row heading issue in mobile

v5.0.3 – 21 Aug 202
Gallery Listing : Metro Layout CSS bug fix
Table : Animation issue
Bug fix and improvements

v5.0.2 – 18 Aug 2021
The Plus Settings -> Plus Widgets -> Unused Widget Scan and Disable OptionADDED
Elementor Free & Pro Widgets ManagerADDED
The Plus Settings -> Performance -> Elementor Free & Pro Widgets Manager -> Unused Widget Scan and Disable OptionADDED
Options to mange inbuilt caching from The Plus Settings -> Performance 1. Smart Advanced Caching 2. On Demand Assets LoadingADDED
Video Player : Schema Markup optionUPDATE
Page Scroll : Data attributeUPDATE
Mobile menu JSUPDATE
Navigation Menu : Dropdown Arrow optionUPDATE
Style Lists : Display Counter optionUPDATE
Hotspot : Link issue fixFIX
WordPress 5.8 compatibilityCOMPATIBILITY
Compatibility with Elementor v 3.4

v5.0.1 – 08 July 2021
WordPress Minimum version required set to 5.7
Social Embed : Bug Fix

Version 5.00 1 July 2021
We got audited and approved by Astra Security. View CertificateIMPORTANT
Mouse Cursor Check DemoADDED
Post Navigation Check DemoADDED
Pre Loader Check DemoADDED
Social Feed Check DemoADDED
Social Reviews Check DemoADDED
Social Sharing Check DemoADDED
Table Of Content Check DemoADDED
Woo Cart Check DemoADDED
Woo Checkout Check DemoADDED
Woo MyAccount Check DemoADDED
Woo Order Track Check DemoADDED
Woo Single Basic Check DemoADDED
Woo Single Image Check DemoADDED
Woo Single Pricing Check DemoADDED
Woo Single Tabs Check DemoADDED
Woo Thank You Check DemoADDED
Woo swatches Check DemoADDED
Pagination Next Button Bug FixUPDATE
Protected Content Cookie OptionUPDATE
CSP (Content Security Policy) implementation & UpdatesUPDATE
Product Listing : Hidden Product Visibility Bug FixFIX
Product Listing : Out of Stock Bug FixFIX
JS bug fix and improvements

v4.1.13 – 03 June 2021
Mega Menu : Vertical Side Menu Open DirectionUPDATE
Navigation Menu : Sticky Mobile Menu : Overflow OptionUPDATE
Security Improvements & Bug Fixes

v4.1.12 – 27 May 2021
Compatibility with Elementor v3.2.4UPDATE
Sticky Navigation : Backdrop filter optionUPDATE
Pricing Table : Tooltip on box and iconUPDATE
Table : Tooltip on box and iconUPDATE
Display Rules : Terms in SingleUPDATE
Social Icon : Tiktok icon addedUPDATE
Row Background : Image Segmentation box shadowFIX
Product Listing : YITH Quick ViewFIX
Infobox : SVG hover colorFIX
Bug Fixes & Security Updates

= v4.1.11 – 29 Apr 2021 =
Compatibility with Elementor v3.2
Bug Fixes & Security Enhancements

= Version 4.1.10 14 Apr 2021 =
Security Updates as per discussion with Wordfence TeamFIX
Login & Register : User Role selection from registerDEPRECIATION
Login & Register : New User Default Role fetch from WordPress settings PageUPDATE
Infobox SVG bug fixFIX
Animated SVG responsive bug fix

= Version 4.1.9 30 Mar 2021 =
Security error related to HTML tags validation (nearly identical to Elementor’s Recent Patch)
Blog & Dynamic Listing : Load More and Lazy Load Undefined Variable
JS bug fix and improvements

= Version 4.1.8 – 19 Mar 2021 =
COMPATIBILITY – Elementor Free 3.1.4 & Pro 3.2.0

= Version 4.1.7 – Important Update 09 Mar 2021 =
Important Update : Vulnerability fixed – Patch 2

= v4.1.6 March 8th =
Important Security Fix

= v4.1.5 05 Feb 2021 =
Demo Importer bug fix

= v4.1.4 =
Elementor Free & Pro 3.1.0COMPATIBILITY
Carousel Remote : Dots and Pagination optionsNEW
Chart : Smooth option in Line Chart FixUPDATE
Dynamic Listing : Include/Exclude Post Option Support in Lazy Load/Load More post FeatureUPDATE
Login & Register : Confirm Password Field Enable/Disable OptionUPDATE
Login & Register : Show/Hide Password Toggle OptionUPDATE
Login & Register : Password Hint in 5 Pattern with Hint Design OptionsUPDATE
Login & Register : Honeypot IntegrationUPDATE
Login & Register : Custom Email for Register UserUPDATE
Login & Register : Custom Email for Lost PasswordUPDATE
Offcanvas to Popup Builder name UpdateUPDATE
Popup Builder : Content Option Style new option of PopupUPDATE
Popup Builder : Show Content based on Page Load, On Scroll, Exit Inlet, After Inactivity, After X Page Views, Any Other Element’s Click, and more optionsUPDATE
Mobile menu style 2 bug fix

= Version 4.1.3 26 Jan 2021 =
Pre-release basic compatibility with Elementor Version 3.1.0UPDATE
Button : Custom Attributes support in linkUPDATE
Column Responsive Group Control function conflict with Upcoming Version 3.1.0 bug fixFIX
Row Background : Custom canvas on load bug fixFIX
Advanced Button : CTA Button Style 14 responsive bug fixFIX
jQuery minor bug fix

= Version 4.1.2 – 15 Dec 2020 =
WordPress 5.6 Compatibility & jQuery UpdatesCOMPATIBILITY
Pricing List : Title Padding Responsive optionUPDATE
Hotspot : Common Styling optionsUPDATE
Support of Icon Library in Popular WidgetsUPDATE
All static icons moved from Font Awesome 4 to Font Awesome 5UPDATE
Blog Listing & Dynamic Listing : Preloader Option in Grid and Masonry LayoutUPDATE
Login/Register : Enable/Disable Login/Register to Reset Form optionUPDATE
Navigation Menu : Description Option in MenuUPDATE
Process Steps : Title tag optionUPDATE
Dynamic Category : SVG as a Thumbnail optionUPDATE
Carousel Anything & Tabs & Tour : Template shortcode optionUPDATE
Carousel Anything & Tabs & Tour : Template shortcode field for WPMLUPDATE
Tabs & Tour : Template shortcode optionUPDATE
Tabs & Tour : Template shortcode field for WPMLUPDATE
Vertical Swiping Bug Fix in slick.jsFIX
Stylish List : On Hover Inverse Effect Animation bug fixFIX
Horizontal Scroll bug fixFIX
Google Map : HTML Issue in ToolTip Resolved

= Version 4.1.1 =
– Elementor Pro fatal Error Fix
– Multisite Users : You need to enable both plugins for “Network Activated”. Check Video Steps
– The Plus Addons for Elementor Free Version Dependency
– NEW: Mailchimp Widget : Group & Tag options
– UPDATE: Dynamic Listing : Boolean Condition for ACF repeater
– UPDATE: Team Member : 5 Column option for Desktop
– UPDATE: Team Member : Common option for Social Icon
– UPDATE: Product Listing : Out Of Stock Text Field
– UPDATE: Hover Card : Image as background option
– UPDATE: Login & Register : Password Strength Meter in Registration Form
– UPDATE: Login & Register : Validation in Registration Form
– UPDATE: Login & Register : Pattern variations for Password in Registration Form
– UPDATE: Navigation Menu : Sticky Mobile Menu Toggle Color styling
– UPDATE: Scale Issue in Center mode while use carousel with infinite mode
– UPDATE: Process Step and Testimonial connection
– UPDATE: Social Icon : Custom Icon Option
– UPDATE: Carousel Anything Template Section Manually by Shortcode Field
– UPDATE: Plus Extras : Sticky Column
– FIX: Page Scroll : Horizontal Scroll Anchor
– FIX: Navigation Menu : Metro Relayout
– FIX Audio Player : Trailing bug fix (#Arthur Morehead)
– FIX Page Scroll : Horizontal Scroll Image change
– FIX: Heading Title : Extra Title Position label reverse
– FIX: Mailchimp : Notification Message Update
– FIX: CMB2 JS Bug fix (cmb2-conditionals.js)

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