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What is Thrive Theme Builder?

Thrive Theme Builder is a new product from ThriveTheme.The editor looks like Thrive Architect, but it’s not Thrive Architect. This is a theme, not a plugin, it is a separate product, not a feature added to Thrive Architect. The design looks equally simple because the developers don’t want you to have to learn two different user interfaces to edit your themes and pages.

Thrive Theme Builder’s ultimate goal is to provide truly intuitive, front-end editing for your entire website. For starters, you can customize page templates and dynamic content. Finally, Thrive Theme Builder + Thrive Architect will give you everything you need to create and edit every aspect of your website.

Thrive Theme Builder Demo

The unlimited creative subscription

Thrive Theme Builder Features – The Best Visual Theme Builder for WordPress

Features Thrive Theme Builder
  • Build your perfect theme with zero coding.
  • The themes are very lightweight and mobile optimized.
  • Visually build your theme in 15 minutes with the help of a website creation wizard.
  • Experience drag and drop design on every part of your website.
  • Built-in design templates for all your pages, posts, and page sections.
  • Centralized conversion homepage template included.
  • Smart color technology allows you to change your website-wide brand colors with a single click.
  • Central font management.
  • Build the best custom post list on the market.
  • Custom author box design.
  • Customize your 404 pages from scratch.
  • Customize search results pages.
  • Customize category pages.
  • Smart dynamic templates let you build dynamic content anywhere.
Build your perfect theme with zero coding.

Thrive Theme Builder + Shapeshift Theme Nulled Free Changelogs

“Thrive Theme Builder + Shapeshift/Ommi Theme v3.12
New Features
Thrive Dashboard Feature: Slack API integration
Thrive Dashboard Hubspot API improvements
Thrive Dashboard ConstantContact contact update not properly working
Multiple conditional displays will not be properly saved on templates
The alignment for the Product Select label element is not working
Fixed an issue where Header content width wasn applied”

Thrive Automator compatibility​

Skin export not working if skin name contains “/”
Fix for blog list not showing all posts when saving with featured list

Re-added Contact Form element

Fatal error thrown on Automator for php 8 in some instances

Fixed an issue where element palettes are not properly saved for linked sections
Prevent other plugins to mess up get post query for typography

Thrive Themes Builder Version 3.5 Released
Improved admin data localization

Thrive Themes Builder Version 3.4.1 Released
Fix for ConstantContact Api issue

Thrive Theme v3.4
New Features​
Post excerpt added as inline shortcode
Fix for sections not being displayed correctly on landingpages
Fix compatibility with CartFlows
Fix for shop list not being ordered by date
Fix for a compatibility issue with WooCommerce One Page Checkout
Fix for WooCommerce Short Description typography not applying to all text types
Fix for search template not working in some cases
Updated WP Rocket recommended settings – removed Thrive-specific Delay JS exclusions
Thrive Themes Builder Version 3.3.2 Released
Fix for lightspeed optimization not working in admin

Thrive Theme v3.2.1 Nulled
Fix for Add to Cart not redirecting to the Products page in some cases

Optimize checkout template to support field manipulation
Fixed some conflicts between offscreen sidebar and sticky elements
Disable Lightspeed optimization when displaying an AMP page

Thrive Themes Builder Version 3.0.2 Released
Compatibility fix with Thrive Headline Optimizer

Thrive Themes Builder Version 2.9 Released
Fix for gallery shortcode styles not being available

Thrive Themes Builder Version 2.8.2 Released
Fix for video elements thumbnails not being playable
Mega Menu sub item’s background color is not reflecting when change

Thrive Themes Builder Version 2.8.1 Released
Fixed an issue causing Thrive Dashboard throwing a 404 Not Found error in the Smart Site section

Thrive Themes Builder v2.8 Released
Added edit mode for the product addons plugin related fields
Fix for user templates that have characters in slug

= v2.7.0 =
clearly highlight the case where no website content is found when editing a template
make fonts a little more smooth
Fix for a mixed content issue with wizard homepage preview URLs
Fix for blank page being available on landing pages when the theme builder is inactive
Allow edit Podcast post types with architect
Add styles for default gutenberg table block

Version 2.6.2
WP Rocket compatibility – updated the list of excluded JS files

Thrive Themes Builder Version 2.6.1 Released
Fix for blank page being available on landing pages when the theme builder is inactive

Project Lightspeed – fixes for video styles
Project Lightspeed – compatibility fix for the old star rating element
Hide WooCommerce variations from the Lightspeed screen

Thrive Themes Builder Version 2.5.2 Released
Project Lightspeed – fix for menu display issues
Project Lightspeed – fix for empty spaces around WP shortcodes

= v2.5.1 =
Project Lightspeed – fixes for Thrive Leads, Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive Quiz Builder stand-alone
Fix for Thrive Architect editor – mobile view, where the content is not centered anymore after the latest update
Fixed error messages related to undefined function calls when using a single Thrive product, which doesn’t include TAR/visual editing capabilities (e.g. only TC installed on the site, Legacy Themes)
Fixed issues with Leads forms on content built with third party page builders
Fixed layout issues after Lightspeed Optimization
Project Lightspeed – included compatibilities with WPFastestCache, WPRocket, WP Optimize & Autoptimize

= Thrive Themes Builder Version 2.4.4 Released =
Fixed an issue causing dropbox “Test Connection” functionality to report connection failure
Security updates

= Thrive Themes Builder Version 2.4.3 Released =
Security updates for php 5.6

= Thrive Themes Builder Version 2.4 Released =
Fix for a conflict with Buddypress and Wishlist Member
Fix for sticky sidebar position with lazy loading content inside
Fixes for the WooCommerce Product Tags / Categories templates

= Thrive Themes Builder Version 2.3.2 Released =
Hotfix for templates being created automatically for old themes

= Thrive Themes Builder Version 2.2.4 Released =
Security improvements for the Legacy Thrive Themes

= Thrive Themes Builder Version 2.2.3 Released =
Fixed an access restriction bug and dashboard warnings

= Thrive Themes Builder Version 2.2.2 Released =
Fix for the function that was not available for auto-update check

= Thrive Themes Builder Version 2.2.1 Released =
– “You do not have enough permissions for this” issue on save

= v2.1.2 =
Fixed an issue where some sticky elements will shift their position on the scroll

= Thrive Themes Builder Version 2.1.1 Released =
Fixed an issue where scripts placed in custom HTML elements are not visible

= Thrive Themes Builder Version 2.0.3 Released =
Compatibility with Thrive Architect changes

= v2.0.1 =
Fixed an issue where logo url can not be removed

= Thrive Themes Builder Version 1.9 Released =
New Features
Add local headers&footers in the Site Wizard
Added “Edit Design” mode on WooCommerce Checkout element
Fix top section having pointer cursor on frontend
Fixed an error where the tag font size is not variable, based on how used a tag is in the Tag Cloud of the Widget Area

= v1.8.4.2 =
### Fixes
– PHP 8 and WordPress 5.6 compatibility
= Thrive Themes Builder Version 1.8.4 Released =
New Features
– Added a “Reading time” feature to blog posts
– Don’t generate homepage and blog pages only when visiting wizard steps
– Fix for product category error when the WooCommerce One Page Checkout plugin is active
– Fix: “Warning: Illegal string offset ‘post types” error message showing in the AMP integration
– Fix for theme builder post list articles not maintaining custom spacing when loaded through Load More pagination
– Fix for incompatible AMP HTML tags
– The custom scripts sections from the edit page/edit woo product pages now have tooltips as well

= v1.8.3.2 =
** Fixes
– Fix for Blog/Archive frontend issues
– Fixed an issue causing Thrive Quiz Builder result tag to be incorrectly assigned
– Fixed an issues causing Lead Generation and Registration forms to incorrectly refresh the page if an error occurs
– Fixed an issue causing Zapier settings to not be stored when editing a Lead Generation element- Amazon Web Services SES Server connection issue
– Custom HTML form submission issue- Hotfix for Custom Fields & Dynamic shortcodes not being rendered when ACF plugin is not installed
– Fixed an issue causing Thrive Comments to generate a warning message if Theme Builder and Thrive Leads are active
– Fixed an issue causing PHP warnings to appear in the Customizer in some instances
– Fixed a compatibility issue with WP Job Manager plugin
– Fixes for AMP validation errors
– Fixed an issue causing a failure to save paragraph typography if rules were added to “Preformatted” text before that
– Small fixes for controls inside the Post List query builder
– Fixed an issue where active state and expanded state styles were not be saved
– Fixed an issue causing multiple Typography sets to be displayed as “Active” in some circumstances
** Other
– Users can now edit the post title directly in Thrive Architect
– Changed Post List sub-elements to inherit styles from Plain Text instead of Paragraph
– Cartflow funnel compatibility
– Update compatibility with Yoast
– Compatibility with Learndash in the Thrive Architect Editor
– In the switch content drop-down for ‘All Archives’ only Archives without dedicated templates are shown

Thrive Theme Builder + Shapeshift Theme +Omni Theme + Kwik Theme Installation Guide

Thrive Theme Builder v3.9 Installation Guide

  • Step 1 – Download Thrive Theme Builder v3.9 file from the below  link
  • Step 2 – Extarct file using Winrar Software or App
  • Step 3 – Now you have 3 files (Thrive Theme, Shapeshift, Omni)
  • Step 4 – Click Appearance -> Themes -> Upload Theme -> Choose file and select Thrive Theme file, Click Install now.
  • Step 5 – Now click Thrive Dashboard -> Thrive Dashboard -> Download And Activate Theme -> Import From Fie -> Select Files -> Now choose Omni Or Shapeshift Theme file -> Open -> Import -> Now theme imported successfully.
  • Step 6 – Done… Enjoy!!!!!!

Summary of all themes ALL IN ONE Thrive Themes

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  2. Thrive Themes Ignition WordPress Theme
  3. Thrive Themes Luxe WordPress Theme
  4. Thrive Themes Minus WordPress Theme
  5. Thrive Themes Performag WordPress Theme
  6. Thrive Themes Pressive WordPress Theme
  7. Thrive Themes Rise WordPress Theme
  8. Thrive Themes Squared WordPress Theme
  9. Thrive Themes Storied WordPress Theme
  10. Thrive Themes Voice WordPress Theme

Download ALL Thrive Themes Nulled Free Here

How to create a “NULLED ” version if you have updated the plugin .
Open file:  \thrive-dashboard\classes\Product\LicenseManager.php
                  if ( empty( $this->license_data ) ) {
                  return false ;
Replaced by:
                  if ( empty( $this->license_data ) ) {
                  return true;

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download Thrive Theme Builder v3.25.1 (+ShapeShift Theme) – The Best Visual Theme Builder For WordPress

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After activation, all add-ons will be activated do our best to share Free(GPL and nulled)WordPress Themes, Plugins and other PHP Scripts.We always try our best to search the best Pro Version WP Themes/plugins/scripts so that you could always Download files and could remain updated with more latest updates. All files are collected from the internet, if you find that the file cannot be downloaded, please Contact us by our telegram and we will fix the links within 48 hours.If you encounter some files that cannot be installed, Perhaps you need to unzip the plugin before installing it.

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