Which is Better: Amazon Cloud Servers or Google Cloud Servers

When it comes to choosing cloud servers for international trade or building your own website, you are likely familiar with two major service providers: Amazon Cloud and Google Cloud.

But how do we decide between Amazon Cloud and Google Cloud?

In this article, Vultrt will briefly introduce the characteristics of these two cloud service providers.

1.New User Experience

If we are new users, both Amazon Cloud and Google Cloud offer free trial periods.
Amazon Cloud provides EC2 cloud servers, lightweight servers, and hundreds of other cloud products. T

he trial periods can range from one month to twelve months, and there are even some products that are permanently free.

For example, EC2 cloud servers provide a 12-month free trial, although there are specific packages available.

To apply for the free trial, we need to have a mobile phone number and credit card ready to receive SMS verification codes and verify the credit card.

Google Cloud Servers also provide free credits for new users.

Google Cloud offers cloud servers, databases, and dozens of other cloud products. They provide $300 in trial credits for new users, but unfortunately, they have reduced the trial period from one year to 90 days.

2.Product Comparison

When comparing Amazon Cloud products and Google Cloud products, both brands are mainstream internet companies, so there is no need to worry about stability or security issues.

What we need to consider, however, is the added value of the products and their suitability for our needs.

In terms of product ecosystem, Amazon Cloud has a richer selection, as they have been in the market for a longer time and have sufficient resources for marketing and development.

Google Cloud products, on the other hand, do not seem to be the main focus, although they are making some progress.

If we only need regular cloud servers, we can try both providers to evaluate their stability, speed, and ease of use.

It’s worth noting that the backend panels of Google Cloud and Amazon Cloud are different.

Google Cloud products focus more on cloud application development, while Amazon Cloud offers a wide range of products from basic to advanced.

Amazon also has more data centers, making it more suitable for international trade websites and personal websites.

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