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what is WooCommerce Deposits?

WooCommerce Deposits – Partial Payments Plugin is a premium WordPress and WooCommerce plugin for processing partial payments. The customer must pay a fixed price or percentage upfront. You can also force a deposit.

Compatible with WooCommerce Bookings And Appointments plugin by PluginHive , which allows you to collect a deposit upon booking, see their following article on how to use both plugins together

Compatible with WooCommerce Bookings by Woothemes plugin, which allows you to collect pre-orders as well as other products.

WooCommerce Deposits Demo

Note: demo page resets daily


Premium Features WooCommerce Deposits – Partial Payments Plugin

  • Accept or place a deposit on products in your store.
  • The payment mode to create a deposit is based on the cart and the deposit option button is in the checkout.
  • Automatic email reminder to pay the remaining amount after a specific number of days.
  • Select deposit type: Fixed value or percentage.
  • The customer can pay the remaining amount later by logging in.
  • Disable or enable site-wide deposits with just one click.
  • Turn off specific payment gateways when there is a deposit in the cart.
  • Show custom message when deposit option is selected.
  • Add new deposits from the order editor in the admin subsection.
  • Built for WooCommerce: Designed from the ground up to work with WooCommerce.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Bookings: Multiply the deposit by the people in your booking or collect as a percentage of the total value.
  • Deposit report is available in WooCommerce report table.
  • Fully Translatable: Compatible with WPML.
  • Pre-translated in the following languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish.

WooCommerce Deposits Changelog– Partial Payments Plugin

22/08/2022 v4.1.1

  • [fix] fixed a calculation issue with taxable negative fees.
  • [fix] fixed a calculation issue with woocommerce subscriptions.
  • [fix] fixed a division by zero error in some cases.
  • minor bug fixes

Download WooCommerce Deposits v4.1.0 – Partial Payments Plugin Nulled Free
04/08/2022 version 4.1.0
* [tweak] support of more html tags and attributes in deposit / full messages.
* [tweak] updates to compatibility code for “WooCommerce PayPal Payments” plugin
* [fix] fixed Division by zero in checkout mode.
* [fix] Multiple calculation fixes for partial payments in order editor admin page.
* Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 6.7.0
* Minor bug fixes

21/02/2022 v4.0.14
* [tweak] updates to compatibility class with WooCommerce PDF Invocies & Packing slips plugin
* Minor bug fix

08/02/2022 v4.0.12
* [fix] miscalculation in checkout mode fixed deposit situation
* [fix] compatibility issue with Woocommerce Tm Extra Product options on product page
* [fix] compatibility issue with ShopMagic for WooCommerce
* [tweak] added filter “wc_deposits_product_disable_deposit_ajax_refresh” to allow disabling ajax refresh of deposit container

29/01/2022 v4.0.10
* [fix] Admin new order email not being triggered in some cases
* [fix] manually added discounts were being removed during deposit recalculation

20/01/2022 v4.0.8
* Minor bug fix

12/01/2021 v4.0.5
* [Tweak] Improved email triggers for partial payments.
* [Tweak] Replaced is_ajax() with wp_doing_ajax() following WooCommerce 6.1.0.
* Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 6.1.0

05/01/2021 v4.0.4
* [Fix] Multiply deposit per persons for woocommerce bookings plugin was not always working correctly.

25/12/2021 version 4.0.3
* [Tweak] Added warning message when some functions are invoked directly to improve
custom code backward compatibility.

23/12/2021 v4.0.2
* Minor bug fix to checkout mode calculation
* [Fix] false “payment failed” error on thankyou page in some cases

21/12/2021 v4.0.0
* Declared compatibility with Wooccommerce 6.0.0
* [Feature] Global Deposit options added.
* [Feature] Fixed Payment Plans.
* [Feature] Added a button to remove all deposit data from order.
* [Feature] Added a setting to hide deposit UI when deposit is forced.
* [Feature] Added a setting to allow having itemized partial payment instead of single line payments only.
* [Tweak] Reworked deposit calculation functionalities to eliminate some rounding bugs.
* [Tweak] Reworked plugin settings for better user experience.
* [Tweak] Removed Setting for shipping taxes handling, for better calculation shipping taxes values are handled with shipping

26/10/2021 v3.2.11
* Added notification for major upcoming update (v4.0)
* Declared compatibility with Wooccommerce 5.8.0

01/10/2021 version 3.2.10
* [Fix] Error making payment on order-pay page for some gateways
* [Fix] Duplicate deposit email triggered in some cases

27/09/2021 v3.2.9
* [Fix] issue was occurring with grouped products while being added to cart
* Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 5.7.1

07/09/2021 v3.2.7
* [Tweak] display a notification message to pay-for-order page when main order cannot be paid for.
* Minor bug fix

31/08/2021 version 3.2.6
* [Tweak] added filter “wc_deposits_deposit_enabled_for_customer” to allow 3rd party control over display of deposit UI based on customer

22/08/2021 version 3.2.5 

* [Fix] Deposit received email being triggered when a post-deposit partial payment is completed manually
* Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 5.6.0

11/08/2021 v3.2.4
* [Tweak] Admin can now view plugin latest version and changelog without inserting purchase code
* Minor display fix

05/08/2021 version 3.2.2
* [Fix] issue with partial payment status transition from on-hold to partially-paid

28/07/2021 version 3.2.1
* [Fix] issue with HTML escaping in deposit / full messages

15/06/2021 version 3.1.7
* Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 5.4.0
* Minor bug fix

07/06/2021 version 3.1.6
* [Fix] : payment plans display is not sorted by name.
* Minor bug fix

31/05/2021 version 3.1.5
* Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 5.3.0
* Minor bug fix

07/05/2021 version 3.1.4
* [Feature] : allow overriding taxes , shipping & fees settings when recalculating deposit in admin order editor
* [Fix] : rounding fix in deposit calculations
* Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 5.2.2
* Minor bug fix

31/03/2021 version 3.1.3
* Declared compatibility with Woocommerce 5.1.0
* Minor bug fix

04/03/2021 version 3.1.0
* Tweak: added deposit tab to coupon data panel in coupon editor page
* Feature : setting to disable a coupon when cart has deposit
* Feature : setting to automatically apply a coupon when customer is paying full amount ( no deposit in cart)
* Feature : Added compatibility class to support WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Gateway
* Minor bug fix

19/02/2021 v3.0.13
* Fix : setting “wc_deposits_order_fully_paid_status” value was saved incorrectly

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