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WooCommerce Reward Points helps increase sales from loyal customers by introducing a simple Rewards Points loyalty program in WooCommerce. Customers can earn points for many actions such as purchases or registrations. When they have enough points, they can redeem the rewards for the collected points.

WooCommerce Reward Points in exchange for loyalty is a proven Neuromarketing way to boost your store. So what do you think about? Start creating your own loyalty program in Woo easily now.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-reward-points/29123909

Why do you need WooCommerce Reward Points?

  1. Increase sales by increasing customer loyalty
  2. Increase your SEO power when customers share your site to gain points
  3. Learn more about your users like who are the most loyal

Easy earning option & lots of points

Easy earning option & lots of points

Our WooCommerce Reward Points plugin offers multiple ways for your customers to earn points. It’s points for order/purchase amount, signup, first order, write review, login, share your site and more.

We’ve covered almost everything! And if you missed something, we’d love to hear from you! Of course, you can set your own points conversion rate, min/max spend and many more options.

Built-in level system

Built-in level system

Motivate your customers even more using our integrated leveling system. Shoppers get badges (just like you know from Envato) and special rewards for reaching various milestones. This system of WooCommerce Reward Points you may know from online games and you know how addictive they can be. So use this for your WooCommerce shop!

Redeem points easily with WooCommerce Reward Points

Redeem points easily with WooCommerce Reward Points

During the shopping cart and checkout process, your customers can redeem points in real time. Set your own conversion rate e.g. 1000 points = $1 and see how your sales margin still increases due to the fact that you get more orders.

Score notification via email

Score notification via email

Notify your customers every time they get new points, about their current point balance and level automatically. Make sure customers don’t forget their points and drive them back to buy again.

My WooCommerce Reward Points section is intuitive

My WooCommerce Reward Points section is intuitive

The intuitive and customizable My Points & Rewards section of my account is essential. We make sure you can add custom text that includes scoring variables.

Furthermore, we’ve added our own animated score bar with 4 styles, a “my rewards” section plus a score log. Of course, they can all be deactivated when you don’t need them.

Fully customizable dynamic content

Fully customizable dynamic content

Of course you want to include your own text or translation easily. That’s why welaunch’s WooCommerce Reward Points plugin doesn’t even have different texts for product, category, cart, checkout, and thank you page.

No, you can even set custom text for logged in or logged out users. And best: all text can use text variables like: needed point, current score, next level name etc. For further explanation, we also provide tooltip text that you can set to use.

Highlights WooCommerce Reward Points – Codecanyon

Analyze, report & change user score in backend

Easily fix user scores manually in the backend. Analyze users with the most points and generate their own reports – all within the backend of your general WordPress site. From there you can also reset points.

Promotion points

Create points promotions, e.g. 3x Black Friday or Weekend 2x points.

Latest WPMP, WooCommerce & WP Support

Welaunch’s WooCommerce Reward Points plugin has been tested with the latest versions of WordPress, WooCommerce, and WPML.

Fully documented

As with all of our products, we’ve created an easy-to-follow documentation that includes an explainer and setup video.

More information

We are an Envato Elite Author and give you quick support.

Demo: https://www.welaunch.io/en/product/woocommerce-reward-points/


Changelog: WooCommerce Reward Points by welaunch – Codecanyon

– NEW: Round down redemption discount
– NEW: Update checkout texts on redemption button click
– NEW: Exclude logged out users
– FIX: Custom variation points not shown in frontend
– FIX: PointsEarnPurchaseValue fixed
– FIX: German PO Translation file caused error on checkout
– FIX: User keeps level reached not working

– NEW: Points for every recommended order
– NEW: Backend panel speed increase
– FIX: Variations not loaded when product earning disabled
– FIX: Level unlocked Popup showed even though levelling was disabled
– FIX: Variation level discount not showing

– NEW: Remove Points Link
– NEW: Change user role once a level is reached
– NEW: Levels now own section in backend
– NEW: Multi currency support fixed
Points will always stay the same on ALL currencies
Conversion / value will respect the currency conversion rates
– FIX: Mini Cart Support for Products for Points showing wrong price
– FIX: Promotion points not showing in cart
– FIX: Redemption point calculation

– NEW: Option to disable font awesome load
– NEW: Change the hook priority of change price (3rd party pricing support)
– NEW: Round Prices Up
– FIX: WHen free product was in cart quantity could be increased even when customer
did not had enough points
– FIX: Points needed showed in category even when customer not had enough points
– FIX: Point expiry all issue sending too many mails
– FIX: Update user points without setting a text

– NEW: Added better variations Support
– NEW: When subject is empty mail will not get sent
– NEW: Submitted Story mail contains user name + email
– FIX: Showed wrong earning points

– NEW: Added improved compatiblity with our Dynamic Pricing Plugin
– FIX: Point log sometimes not sorted
– FIX: Wrong points on product pages displayed when product price set
to display without taxes
– FIX: Level value not updated when lower level reached
– FIX: Pointsvalue variable not available in expiry mail

– NEW: Points for orders will also be removed on order refund
– FIX: Removed apply fitler 4th argument for wc dynamic prices support
– FIX: Customer logout URL missing
– FIX: Added AJAX check for 3rd party filter support

– NEW: Customers can now set points to 0 in checkout to redeem no points
– NEW: Min redemption points can be set to 0 (to remove points)
– FIX: Cart cant updated when no points set
– FIX: Redemption form showed even when money discount disabled
– FIX: Min & Max redemption points logic
– FIX: Previous points (negative fees) will be substracted from redemption

– NEW: Support for WooCommerce Multi Currency

– NEW: Added Translation files for
Italian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch
– FIX: Next level points needed text showed when levels disabled
– FIX: Discount price & info showed in backend
– FIX: PHP Notices

– NEW: Level based product discount rates including categories selection

– FIX: Responsive option for user point adding shortcode

– NEW: Use points to purchase products

We removed the redemption mode setting so you have to enable / disable levels,
discount or products redemption manually now again
!!! IMPORTNT !!!
– NEW: Shortcode to show products which can be purchased for points:
– NEW: Users can keep reached levels

– NEW: Role based min / max spent required settings:

– NEW: Points update also on cart product remove
– FIX: Exclude point text from grouped & external products
– FIX: Updated POT files======

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