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WooCommerce Variation Swatches Plugin

what is WooCommerce Variation Swatches Pro?

WooCommerce Variation Swatches Pro is the most popular attribute variation plugin in the WordPress plugin directory.

WooCommerce Variation Swatches Pro – A simple plugin, but it does a great job. Turn drop-down lists of product attributes into beautiful templates. This means you can turn drop-down lists of product choices into color swatches, buttons, radios, and images.

Thus, the plugin greatly expands the possibilities of variations. The user does not need to open the drop-down box and see what options are available for the variable product. With no extra clicks and no extra time, they can quickly choose the option you want.

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The unlimited creative subscription

WooCommerce Variation Swatches Pro demo

WooCommerce Variation Swatches Plugin Features

  • Automatically convert dropdowns to images if the variation has a featured set of images
  • Show Swatch in Category / Archive Page
  • Image transform tool in category / archive page
  • Text Tooltip in Category / Archive Page
  • Dual color transform swatches
  • Supported with Quick Look
  • What to show Unique Selected Attribute on Store page? This will help!
  • Set ADD link to align property transform templates
  • Change Product Gallery Select Color Variant Only Like Amazon and Aliexpress (Or Selected Variant)
  • Create variant link
  • Customize products based on color samples
  • Swatch color change for product page
  • Swatch transforms images for product pages
  • Transform button/label swatch for product page
  • Highlight your special attribute
  • Product page Image Variation Tooltip
  • Customizable Tooltip Text
  • Blur/hide the transformation
  • Round and square for variation

WooCommerce Variation Swatches Pro Nulled Free Changelogs

“Download WooCommerce Variation Swatches Pro v2.0.12 Nulled Free
v2.0.12 ( 02/11/2022 )
Attribute image as tooltip image if no tooltip image added
Variation Image preview on loaded
Update Migration Script
Modify woovariationswatchesvariableitemcustomattributes filter
WPML Language Support on API”

“Download WooCommerce Variation Swatches Pro v2.0.8 Nulled Free
v2.0.8 ( 21/08/2022 )
“”astraInfinitePaginationLoaded”” added for astra theme Infinite Pagination support
Option to Enable “”add to cart”” and “”change price”” on catalog mode if a product have only one attribute to show
Option to Linkable Attribute Link type”

v2.0.4 ( 08/07/2022 )
Composite Product Selecting Issue
wpml-config.xml file
Option to enable/disable preloader
Option to change tick and cross icon color

v1.1.18 ( 06/09/2021 )
Disable swatches on variation only cross sell and upsell product
Image tooltip height
WordPress and Woocommerce compatibility

= v1.1.17 ( 08/05/2021 ) =
WPML Issue
Update plugin updater

= v1.1.16 ( 03/05/2021 ) =
Backend CSS Issue
Add filter: disablewoovariationswatchespro to disable pro swatches

= Version 1.1.15 ( 24/04/2021 ) =
WPML currency switcher issue
Coloned product attribute name and value saving issue.
Function added to get dual color values
Option added Choose which JS event fire on preview image.
Support dual color on filter widget
Support show variation and variable product swatches

= v1.1.14 ( 11/04/2021 ) =
Fix issue for Complianz | GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent
Fix URL back button Issue
Fix WPML issue

= v1.1.13 ( 10/03/2021 ) =
WooCommerce and WordPress Compatibility
Remove .contains and replace with .includes
Remove saving variation settings data when click on Main Update button

= Version 1.1.12 ( 02/03/2021 ) =
Settings Option to clickable out of stock enable or disable
Add UnderscoreJS on script dependency

= v1.1.9 ( 12/02/2021 ) =
no_cache header modification issue

= v1.1.8 ( 08/02/2021 ) =
Clickable issue on generate url
Display message on save swatches settings

= Version 1.1.7 ( 02/02/2021 ) =
select variation message
composite product issue
Flatsome image selection issue
Cache ajax variation load

= v1.1.6 ( 27/01/2021 ) =
JS issue if add to cart not available on archive
Cache ajax variation load

= v1.1.5 ( 13/01/2021 ) =
Backward compatibility for 1.1.2 user
Update ajax variation load
Reserve license key if reset all data.

= Version 1.1.3 ( 10/01/2021 ) =
Support Latest woocommerce

v1.1.2 ( 26/11/2020 )
– Support Latest woocommerce

v1.1.1 ( 27/10/2020 )
Support Latest woocommerce

* Support Latest woocommerce
* Stock info
* Accessability
* Linkable attributes

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