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what is Optimize WooCommerce Checkout with Aero?

Still using default checkout pages?
Here’s why you’re losing sales every day…
Default checkout is not user-friendly & conversion-focused
You cannot add, remove, edit or even re-order form fields without getting help from your developer. This is a major limitation.
They do not persuade with testimonials, guarantee & FAQs
Users experience anxiety and fear on the checkout page. Sections like testimonials, support and guarantee help pacify those negative feelings around online buying.
Default checkouts are not optimized for mobile
50.3% of traffic comes from mobile. Most users never complete their purchase on a single device, they switch midway. Isn’t it high time to optimize for mobile?
Checkout pages designed to convince and convert prospects
Here’s how Aero helps you lock in more sales from the same traffic
Create a multi-step checkout form with progress indicator to minimize friction
A long checkout form looks intimidating at the first glance. But if you break it into multiple steps, you can collect the basic details first followed by billing and shipping. The advantage of this approach is that people keep moving forward one step at a time. It’s like a slippery slope.
Use product & quantity selector to give the control to users
You can append a mini cart on the checkout page. Let users delete and recover deleted items. Give them the option to adjust the quantity of the item(s) they’re buying. It’s not just great for your conversions but also your order value!

Optimize WooCommerce Checkout with Aero Demo

Optimize WooCommerce Checkout with Aero changelogs

“Download Woofunnels Optimize WooCommerce Checkout with Aero v3.5.7 Nulled Free
= v3.5.7 (2022-11-19) =

  • Fixed: Checkout styling improved for the cases of shimmer animation with oxygen builder since v2.6.0. (#3258)”

“Download Woofunnels Optimize WooCommerce Checkout with Aero v3.5.4 Nulled Free
= v3.5.4 (2022-11-05) =

  • Added: New filter to change the text when removing the product from the product switcher. (#4341)
  • Improved: Checkout- compatibility updated for the Divi Den Pro by WP Den. (#4345)
  • Improved: Checkout- compatibility updated for the Nextend Social Login and Register addon. (#4345)
  • Improved: Advanced phone field with flags improved for better handling for default country and preferred countries. (#4334)
  • Improved: Better design and translation support for the RTL languages. (#4341)
  • Fixed: Express checkout buttons not showing up with the plugin WooCommerce PayPal Payments by WooCommerce v1.9.3. (#4332)
  • Fixed: Template importing not working for the new license activations since v3.5.3. (#4351)
  • Fixed: PHP error while quantity merge-tag used and no quantity is set. (#4330)”

“Download Woofunnels Optimize WooCommerce Checkout with Aero v3.5.2 Nulled Free
= v3.5.2 (2022-09-30) =

  • Fixed: Prevent Shimmer effect to come multiple times on page load. (#4323)

= v3.5.1 (2022-09-29) =

  • Fixed: Shipping phone field flag showing distorted in editor screens. (#4320)

= v3.5.0 (2022-09-29) =

  • Added: New Processing loader added when place order button clicked. (#4244)
  • Added: International phone field support for phone field. (#4244)
  • Added: Primary color settings for global form buttons and inputs. (#4244)
  • Added: New loading effect (Shimmer Animation) on all elements of checkout. (#4244)
  • Added: Live validation for email and phone fields. (#4244)
  • Added: Floating labels for the input fields. (#4244)
  • Added: Compatibility added with EU/UK VAT for WooCommerce by WPWhale. (#4077)
  • Added: Compatibility added with Payoneer Checkout by Inpsyde GmbH v.0.2.1. (#4197)
  • Added: Compatibility with Bricks Builder. (#4194)
  • Added: Filter hook added to change the price of the collapsible order summary. (#4088)
  • Added: Compatibility with WP fusion abandoned cart functionality. (#4275)
  • Improved: Compatibility with elementor 3.7.0 version. (#455)
  • Improved: Implementation of express checkout buttons optimized for better speed. (#4455)
  • Improved: No product in this checkout message was removed for all users. (#4148)
  • Improved: Compatibility with the plugin ThemeSky.(#4239)
  • Improved: Method to get the client IP address to improve event match quality for Facebook conversion events. (#1391)
  • Improved: Sustain Credit card inputs during address changes. (#4277)
  • Improved: Compatibility with Hubspot integration by makewebbetter updated for abandoned carts. (#4265)
  • Improved: Compatibility with MDS Collivery Plugin updated. (#4269)
  • Improved: Compatibility with Beaver builder for embed form global checkout updated. (#4272)
  • Improved: Compatibility with the WooCommerce Product bundle. (#4246)
  • Improved: Compatibility with the angelleye plugin for smart buttons showing outside of the form. (#4234)
  • Improved: Google address autocomplete improved for few contries eg: “”Slovakia””, city was not auto populating. (#2878)
  • Improved: CSS transition for the collapsible order summary. (#2987)
  • Improved: WPML compatibility updated for the attibutes labels not getting translated. (#2955)
  • Fixed: Fix duplicate pixel when page is marked as the checkout page. (#4224)
  • Fixed: Header font size issue in Gutenberg checkout block. (#4169)
  • Fixed: checkout advanced custom field will be shown without login user on thank page. (#4204)
  • Fixed: Chronopost block shipping methods are shown two times in the checkout form and the sidebar. (#4176)
  • Fixed: Thrive Architect – shortcode checkout Form not showing in front. (#4202)
  • Fixed: Beaver builder designing not working when setting the checkout as global. (#4190)
  • Fixed: Product Switcher Hide when back button pressed from PayPal gateway. (#4155)
  • Fixed: WooCS currency switcher is not working correctly on dedicated checkout pages. (#4133)
  • Fixed: Nextend social registration button is not showing on checkout. (#4116)
  • Fixed: Gutenberg icon background is messing up with panels. (#4230)
  • Fixed: The field color setting is not working for the coupon field. (#4178)
  • Fixed: Shipping prices were not showing up on the first load when address autocomplete is configured. (#4135)
  • Fixed: Apple pay button not showing full width in mac. (#4124)
  • Fixed: Google Tag manager showing warning when google ads and more than one GA Ids are used. (#4455)”

= v3.3.1 (2022-03-23) =
* Improved: Move Order bump position From mini cart to payment gateway at mobile devices. (#3929)
* Improved: Divi theme builder override the checkout canvas and box template. (#3938)
* Improved: Optimized express checkout buttons for fast visibility. (#3926)
* [Critical] Fixed: Deprecated warning for elementor _register_controls is deprecated since version 3.1.0. (#3963)
* Fixed: Sometimes products don’t re-added in cart when multiple Page is open. (#3910)
* Fixed: Woodmart theme – Elementor Checkout form not visible on the frontend page. (#3920)
* Fixed: Error on the checkout page with RY invoice plugin version 1.3.9. (#3932)
* Fixed: Mini cart coupon link color setting CSS was override was not working. (#3961)

Free Download Woofunnels v3.9.3 GPL– Optimize WooCommerce Checkout with Aero

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