Woostify v1.7.4 WooCommerce Themes for Boosting Sales Pro + Addons

Woostify – WooCommerce Themes for Boosting Sales Pro v1.5.9 + Addons

what is Woostify?

Woostify – WooCommerce Themes for Boosting Sales Pro v1.7.0 + Addons Nulled Free Download

Woostify is a free WordPress theme with Pro Addon that focuses on lightweight and usability. In addition to the free theme, we provide a premium plugin that extends the theme, adding more options to help you optimize your online store.
Since the beginning, Woostify has aimed to be usability that can build any kind of stores. It aims to offer just the right amount of customization, while staying incredibly light and stable.
We apply our experience to optimize the design of Woostify so that can get better User experience. You can also feel confident to use Woostify in the long term because the code behind is standard. Your site is stable, secure and optimized.
With these widgets, you can design your shop’s layout, create and customize Product Category, display more products, build your own blog posts, and also design your own slider for your e-commerce website.

Woostify theme Changelogs:

“Download Woostify v1.7.4 Fast, lightweight, responsive and super flexible WooCommerce theme + Pro Addon Nulled Free
Woostify Pro 1.7.4 – 3 Dec 2022
Revamped Ajax product search Index functions: faster and optimized for performance”

“Download Woostify v1.7.3 Fast, lightweight, responsive and super flexible WooCommerce theme + Pro Addon Nulled Free
Woostify pro v1.7.3 – 25 Nov 2022
Released Callback Add-on
Fixed Index function in Ajax product search
Support search by category in Ajax product search
Minor fixes for Mega menu add-on”

“Download Woostify v1.7.1 Fast, lightweight, responsive and super flexible WooCommerce theme + Pro Addon Nulled Free
Woostify pro 1.7.1
2 Nov 2022
Released new Pre-order Addon
Fixed conflict Jet search ajax with Woobuilder
Added URL active for variation swatches addon
Updated query options for Woostify products related widget
Fixed product widgets doesn work with Woobuilder search page”

Woostify Pro 1.6.8
11 Feb 2022
Ajax product search:
Fix highlight color option
Fix error when searching SKU on variations
Add box shadow option to Product widget, Product slider widget
Fix missing column setting in Product widgets
Fix filter function on Product Archive page

Woostify pro 1.6.7 – 17 Jan 2022
Fix infinite scroll feature
Fix smart product filter: ordering doesn’t work
Fix variation swatch doesn’t work in the quick view
Fix Woobuilder: product template condition doesn’t work

Woostify Pro 1.6.3
26 Nov 2021
Fix icon option in cart/wishlist/account widget
Fix icon in Size guide addon
Fix billing option wrong in Sale notification addon

Woostify pro 1.5.9
15 Oct 2021
Support quickview for B2B German plugin new version
Update Sale notification addon to get all products
Fix Woobuilder My account causes checkout page error
Fix My account widget order tab error
Woostify pro v1.5.6
26 Jun 2021
Fix conflict with WPML plugin
Ajax product search: fix some text couldn’t be translated

Woostify Pro v1.5.4
9 Jun 2021
Ajax product search
Fix option Out of stock doesn’t work
Fix search result when setting Visibility / draft product
Fix auto index search engine doesn’t work when editing the product price, sku
Add Search template https://share.getcloudapp.com/P8u9Rn9O
Fix custom thank you page conflict with default WooCommerce payment

= Woostify Pro 1.5.2​ =
29 Apr 2021
Fix schedule function of Countdown Urgency addon
Fix SVG image of account widget and cart widget
Fix lowercase result in Ajax Product Search addon
Support Dynamic WooCommerce pricing plugin for Ajax Product Search addon
Add menu position for vertical layout Mega menu addon https://share.getcloudapp.com/z8u6b4R5
Fix arrow for product tab widget
tag in slider widget
Fix double pagination on shop page
Support Pago payment plugin for Woobuilder – Checkout

= Woostify Pro 1.5.1​ =
6 Apr 2021
Fix Elementor bundle error with PHP 7.2 or lower
Fix Header Footer addon index issue
Fix pro ad-on could’t be saved

= Woostify Pro 1.5.0​ =
1 Apr 2021
Ajax Search addon: Add Search Engine & Improve the UI
Header Footer builder: Add sticky option inside Elementor section and add the multiple display location
Elementor bundle: Replace old product widgets with the new ones for better product query
Minor CSS fix for RTL

= Woostify Pro 1.4.9 =
23 Feb 2021
Fix Gallery Product widget in Woobuilder
Fix Ajax Product Search addon: doesn’t work in some table prefixes

= Woostify Pro v1.4.8 =
19 Feb 2021
Support lazy loading for wp rocket plugin
Ajax search addon:
Search title only
Elementor Bundle addon:
Add hover option for menu toggle widget
Update product widget
Fix issue with button add to cart widget
Fix some issue in RTL

= Woostify Pro 1.4.7 =
Support B2B market plugin for quick view
Woobuilder: Fix header/footer issue when building Product single template
Minor css update for RTL
Update title option for Recently viewed product widget
Woobuilder: Fix Coupon doesn’t work on custom checkout page
Increase z-index of mega menu content
Add WooCommerce notice widget
Elementor bundle: update order and order by for Product widget

= Woostify Pro version 1.4.6 =
– Fix active license not working in Agency(old Ultimate plan)
– Fix My account widget custom tab issue

= Woostify Pro 1.4.5 =
– Fix issue of Woostify – Products widget

= Woostify Pro 1.4.4 =
– Update Pot file
– Add link to parent menu in Mega menu
– Update option for Search Form widget
– Fix some issues of Countdown Urgency addon
– Fix sone conflict with Elementor Global Styles
– Support multiple size guides in a product
– Add class for variation swatches on product list
– Update Nav menu widget, more options and vertical layout
– Update Product slider widget

= v1.4.4 b2 =
– RTL: fix vertical menu
– Fix variation image on shop page
– Add WooCommerce notice message widget Elementor, support build the product page without enabled Ajax add to cart
– Fix reset button issue on the shop page
– Woobuilder: Support WooCommerce membership plugin
– Elementor bundle: fix search query issue
– Woobuilder: Add Thank you and My account template https://woostify.com/docs/pro-modules/woobuilder/
– Fix Woostify nav widget line height
– Update Spanish language file
– Ajax product search: Support SKU in the variation of the product
– Mega menu: fix full width issue
– Fix filter and pagination

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Download Woostify v1.7.4 – Fast, lightweight, responsive and super flexible WooCommerce theme + Pro Addon

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