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what is WordPress Download Manager Pro?

Best WordPress Plugin For Document Management and Selling Digital Products

WordPress Download Manager Pro packed with all features you will ever need to manage your files and documents, protecting documents with password, document access control based on members roles and capabilities, detailed access log, selling digital products, licensing and many more features.WordPress download manager pro is not just “Yet Another WordPress Plugin”. WordPress Download Manager is the best Files / Documents Management Plugin to Manage, Track, Control File Downloads and Complete e-Commerce Solution for selling digital products from your WordPress site. WordPress Download Manager Pro packed with all features you will ever need for selling digital products & monitoring file downloads like price variations, licensing, password protection, download visibility based on members roles and capabilities, detailed access log and many more features.

WordPress Download Manager Pro isn’t just another plugin for WordPress. WordPress Download Manager is the greatest file/document management plugin for managing, tracking, and controlling file uploads, as well as a complete e-commerce solution for selling digital products from your WordPress site.

WordPress Download Manager Pro has all of the tools you’ll need to sell and track file uploads, including price modifications, licensing, password security, download visibility based on participant roles and capabilities, access, and more.

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WordPress Download Manager Pro Nulled Free Changelog:

6.1.5 – Apr 03, 2022​
Improved CSV import option
Improved all downloads table, updated datatable.js
Improved session class
Fixed the pagination issue with the public profile shortcode

6.1.2 – Jan 13, 2022​
Fixed a security issue on the stats page

6.1.1 – Jan 02, 2022​
Improved admin UI
Fixed the issue with wpdm category and tag visibility when Gutenberg is enabled

6.1.0 – Dec 01, 2021​
Fixed an issue with the file indexing when attaching multiple files from a server using server file browser/asset manager file picker
Fixed an issue with file thumbnail for media library files ( 404 thumbnail issue with image gallery )
Fixed audio player UI issue for mobile devices
Improved CSV import option, added support for adding custom URL slug ( column header name url_slug )
Fixed an issue with the automatic package size calculation for dir attached packages
Added new option to allow attached file delete when deleting a package
Replaced chosen js library with select2

6.0.8 – Sep 17, 2021​
Improved social lock UI
Fixed an issue with the media access control
Fixed an issue with the pagination function
Added support for the custom icon, title, and description with the packages shortcode
Fixed an issue with the open in new window option
Readded social login option with the login form
Improved all downloads table
Fixed package sorting issue with the category and package shortcode
Fixed RTL layout issue with wpdm admin settings page

= v5.3.3 – Dec 10, 2020 =
Extended terms lock option
Fixed an issue with the meta update in CSV import
Improved download stats view

= v5.3.1 – Nov 18, 2020 =
Added custom taxonomy support with all downloads table
Improved link and page templates
Fixed 2 notices with category handler class was showing for missing/non-existent category slug
Fixed an issue with admin category column
Fixed an issue with the query class

= 5.3.0 =
– Improved wpdm tags
– Fixed an issue with tag shortcode
– Improved wpdm_packages shortcode
– Improved asset manager
– Improved file list on the admin side, added file search option
– Improved email template, added tag support for request vars, user metadata and advanced custom fields
– Fixed an issue with the CSV import
– Improved file type icon detection
– Extended media protection, added thumbnail protection support
– Added custom taxonomy parameter support with wpdm_packages shortcode

List of Addons WordPress Download Manager Pro

Package Theme

  • Crypton – WordPress Theme
  • Prime – WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Prosper – WordPress eCommerce Theme
  • Marketplace
  • Musik
  • Optimus

Addons WordPress Download Manager Pro

  1. WPDM – Auto Share
  2. Download After Submit 
  3. WPDM – Accordion
  4. WPDM – Active Campaign Subscription
  5. WPDM – Explorer
  6. WPDM – BuddyPress
  7. WPDM – Button Templates
  8. WPDM – Campaign Monitor
  9. WPDM – Constant Contact
  10. WPDM – ConvertKit
  11. PDM – Advanced CSV Importer
  12. WPDM – Download Notification
  13. WPDM – Download Period
  14. WPDM – Dropbox Explorer
  15. WPDM – Extended Short-codes
  16. WPDM – Facebook Share Lock
  17. WPDM – File Hosting
  18. Download Monitor Google Drive Extension v4.0.5
  19. WPDM – iContact
  20. WPDM – Lazy Download
  21. WPDM – Mad Mimi Email Subscription
  22. WPDM – MailChimp
  23. WPDM – Multi-Level Affiliates
  24. WPDM – Newsletters
  25. WPDM – Image Button
  26. WPDM – Package Lists
  27. WPDM – PAD Importer
  28. WPDM – Page Template
  29. WPDM – PDF Stamper
  30. WPDM – Pinterest Pin Lock
  31. WPDM – Opt-in Magic
  32. WPDM – Speed Control
  33. WPDM – TinyMce Button
  34. WPDM – User Reviews
  35. WPDM – Web Hooks
  36. WPDM – ZOHO CRM Leads
  37. WPDM – Data API
  38. WPDMPP – Linked Products
  39. WP Pro Membership
  40. WPDM – Advanced Custom Fields
  41. WPDM – Amazon s3
  42. WPDM – Archive Page
  43. WPDM – Block Hotlink
  44. WPDM – Category Manager
  45. WPDM – Advanced Access Control
  46. WPDM – Download Limits
  47. WPDM – Default Values
  48. WPDM – File Manager
  49. WPDM – Form Lock
  50. WPDM – Remote FTP browser
  51. WPDM – Live Forms
  52. WPDM – PDF Viewer
  53. WPDM – Premium Packages
  54. WPDM – Watermark
  55. WPDM – The Movie Database
  56. WPDM – File Cart
  57. WPDM – Private Message
  58. WPDMPP – Mollie

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