Download WP AMP v9.3.35 nulled– Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress and WooCommerce


what is WP AMP?

WP AMP — Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress and WooCommerce is a premium WordPress plugin that adds support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for WooCommerce. With this plugin, it only takes a few clicks to make your website mobile.

WP AMP HTML is an open source initiative by Google that aims to deliver instantly loadable mobile-optimized content anywhere. Read more about AMP here –

WP AMP demo

WP AMP setting

API plugin

  • esc_amphtml( $content ) – a function to escape and sanitize content output for AMP.
  • is_wp_amp() – conditional tag, returns “true” if the AMP page is opened.

The plugin actions and filters are listed in the documentation.

Important Notes

Always save the permalink and clear all cache when installing or updating the WP AMP plugin!

WP AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress and WooCommerce is compatible with:

If you are interested in using AMP with ACF, you will also need to download the AMP ACF extension.

Changelog: WP AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress and WooCommerce

“Download WP AMP v9.3.35 – Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress and WooCommerce Nulled Free
2022-10-21 – v9.3.35
New: Add compatibility with plugin sku-shortlink-for-woocommerce.”

“Download WP AMP v9.3.34 – Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress and WooCommerce Nulled Free
2022-09-30 – v9.3.34
New: Google Analytics 4 support.”

2021-12-20 – v9.3.29
Fixed: SEO Yoast compatibility.

2021-11-2 – v9.3.28
New: support for Woocommerce shortcodes.

2021-08-5 – v9.3.27
Improved: added preloading for image srcset.

2021-07-13 – ver 9.3.26
Fixed: image preloading. Use double quotation marks in img tags.

2021-07-8 – v9.3.25
Improvement: images preloading.

2021-07-5 – ver 9.3.24
New: images preloading;
Fixed: Gravity Form compatibility.

2021-06-22 – v9.3.23
New: srcset option for images;
Fixed: Gravity form bug with loading unneeded scripts to AMP.

2021-05-25 – v9.3.22
Fixed: links for external products;
New: compatibility with PHP 8.

2021-04-29 – v9.3.21
Fixed: custom fonts feature.

2021-04-19 – ver 9.3.20
Improved: compatibility with SEO plugins.

2021-03-015 – ver 9.3.19
Fixed: compatibility with plugin All in one SEO Pack, canonical URL issue

2021-03-02 – ver 9.3.18
New: WordPress 5.7 support;
Improved: compatibility with plugin All in one SEO Pack.

2021-03-02 – ver 9.3.17
Fixed: minor php issues.

2021-01-11 – ver 9.3.16
Fixed: products variations issue.

2020-09-08 – ver 9.3.11
Improvement: product variations.

2020-08-31 – ver 9.3.10
Improvement: compatibility with SEO Rank Math;
Improvement: tags name for product variations.

2020-08-13 – ver 9.3.9
New: support for Avada lazyload;

2020-07-24 – ver 9.3.8
Fixed: minor bugs.

2020-05-14 – ver 9.3.7
Fixed: Yoast SEO compatibility.

2020-04-14 – ver 9.3.6
New: activate or disable AMP by post/product category or tag.

2020-04-03 – ver 9.3.5
Fixed: multiple ads issue;
Tested WC compatibility.

2020-01-08 – ver 9.3.4
Fixed: templates.

2019-12-9 – ver 9.3.3
Fixed: php warning notice.

2019-11-21 – ver 9.3.2
Fixed: images for post on blog;
Fixed: save add to cart;
Improvement: check class ads;
Fixed: schema type name ‘Offer’;
Fixed: a few other minor issues.

2019-10-01 – ver 9.3.1
New: HTML in WooCommerce templates;
Fixed: Schema settings saving data issue;
Fixed: product search in amp.

2019-09-23 – ver 9.3.0
Improved: compatibility with WP AMP ACF;
Improved: templates blocks;
New: separate templates for custom post types.

2019-09-16 – ver 9.2.9
Fixed: image src for Yootheme;
Fixed: block “add to cart block” in product archives.

2019-09-06 – ver 9.2.8
Improved: compatibility with WP AMP ACF;
New: legacy functions;
New: footer social icons.

2019-08-29 – ver 9.2.7
Improved: compatibility with WP Seopress;
Improved: functions;
Improved: quotes design.

2019-08-16 – ver 9.2.6
Fixed: styles for WC filter;
Improved: activation process.

2019-07-15 – ver 9.2.5
New: compatibility with Yootheme;
New: added sorting block to Woocommerce shop page.

2019-05-14 – ver 9.2.4
Fixed: structured data for blog, archive, front pages;
Improved: child items alignment for menu.

2019-05-7 – ver 9.2.3
Fixed: social script;
Fixed: iFrame.

2019-04-12 – ver 9.2.2
Hotfix: the mobile redirecting.

2019-04-11 – ver 9.2.1
New: Database Search and Replace Script in PHP compatibility
New: FooGallery compatibility

2019-03-31 – ver 9.2.0
New: 16 languages localisations;
New: cart page;
New: adding products to the cart without page reloading.

2019-02-19 – ver 9.1.7
Fixed: styles for an “Add To Cart” button in a “Grid” products template;
Fixed: drag block in WooCcommerce tab;
Fixed: canonical url;
Improved: Spain and Russian localization;
New: German localization.

2019-02-11 – ver 9.1.6
Fixed: hot fix, syntax error.

2019-02-08 – ver 9.1.5
New: Add custom font-face
Fixed: Cyrillic character in DB
Fixed: Background color for an amp-img
Improved: License activation

2019-01-25 – ver 9.1.4
New: SEOpress compatibility
Fixed: URL image for schemaorg

2019-01-22 – ver 9.1.3
Fixed: canonical url for Seo Ultimate plugin;
Fixed: Contact Form 7;
Improved: add image for shortcode recent-posts and related-posts.

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