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WHAT IS WP Fusion?

WP Fusion connects your website to your CRM with support for several CRMs and dozens of plugins. WP Fusion Plugin has helped thousands of people and businesses save time and maximize profits through marketing automation.

WP Fusion Plugin includes support for dozens of WordPress plugins that allow you to connect your membership site, store, learning management system, and more with your CRM.

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WP Fusion Features | Marketing Automation for WordPress

Features WP Fusion | Marketing Automation for WordPress
  • Control access to content with CRM tags
  • Track purchase and subscription status
  • Send submission form to your CRM
  • Forgotten cart recovery
  • Engage students based on course progress
  • Track last login and old account
  • Email customers based on purchase history
  • Award and achievement badges using timers and logic
  • Extensive user profile data collection
  • Display CRM data in WordPress
  • Update lifetime value and sequence number
  • Synchronize user accounts between sites

List of WP Fusion Plugin Addons

  • WP Fusion – Abandoned Cart Addon v1.7.0
  • WP Fusion – Downloads Addon v1.2.2
  • WP Fusion – Enhanced Ecommerce Addon v1.18.0
  • WP Fusion – Logins Addon v1.2.4
  • WP Fusion – Media Tools Addon v1.2.3
  • WP Fusion – Webhooks Addon v1.3.1

Changelog WP Fusion – #1 CRM, Marketing Automation, Membership Integration Plugin Nulled Free

= 3.40.18

  • Added Voting District fields for sync with NationBuilder
  • Fixed a bug with automatic discounts and WooCommerce, where if the user’s tags made them eligible for multiple discounts, navigating to the checkout page would apply an additional discount even when the cart total was already 0
  • Fixed If-So integration not working with CRMs that use tag IDs
  • Fixed tags not being applied properly when a LearnDash quiz with essay responses was graded in the admin
  • Fixed Clean Login integration not syncing user_login and user_pass
  • Fixed fatal error on the Contact Fields tab with WooCommerce Stripe Gateway 6.5.0
  • Developers: Fixed wpf_get_setting_{$id} filter not updating the option inputs on the settings page

= v3.38.33 – 1/10/2021 =
* Added [User Menus integration](
* Added Status section to WP Fusion settings with status and debug information about the plugin
* Added support for Group and [Repeater fields with Advanced Custom Fields](
* Added notice to HubSpot integration about enabling marketing contacts for the WP Fusion app
* Improved – ActiveCampaign integration now fully uses the WordPress HTTP API instead of the ActiveCampaign PHP SDK
* Improved – HTML tags will be removed when exporting the activity logs to .csv
* Improved – When resetting the main settings page, the cached contact IDs and tags will be deleted for all users (this fixes “Invalid contact ID” errors when switching between CRM accounts)
* Fixed Quiz Failed tags not being applied since LearnDash 3.6.0
* Fixed taxonomy term protections not working since 3.38.32
* Fixed fatal error loading the `role` field with an array value (now the first array value will be used as the role)
* Fixed ActiveCampaign multiselect fields loaded as text being prepended/appended by ||
* Fixed missing scope `crm.lists.write` with HubSpot (prevented adding contacts to static lists for OAuth apps connected after December 15th 2021)

v3.38.24 – 11/15/2021
Added note to Salesforce setup panel regarding completing the installation of the OAuth app
Improved – Applying tags with Bento will now trigger events using the add_tag_via_event command (thanks @jessehanley)
Fixed EDD Email Optin tags getting applied regardless of email optin consent checkbox being checked
Fixed PHP warning when using Uncanny Toolkit Pro and FluentCRM or Groundhogg
Developers – The active CRM object is now passed by reference via the wp_fusion_init_crm action and can be operated on

v3.38.23 – 11/8/2021
Added IN and NOT IN comparisons to the user_meta_if shortcode
Added Apply Tags – Trialing and Apply Tags – Converted to EDD Recurring Payments integration
Added Export to CSV button to Activity Logs
Improved – Mailchimp Audience select box is moved to the Setup tab and fields and tags can be loaded for a new audience without having to save the settings first
Improved – Mailchimp setup will now show a warning if you try to connect and there are no audiences in your account
Improved – Added a notice to the logs when a new ConvertKit subscriber is being created with a random tag due to no default tag being set
Fixed WooCommerce order status changes in the admin list table not applying tags when Asynchronous Checkout was enabled
Fixed LearnDash course progress tags not being applied when the Autocomplete Lessons & Topics Pro module was enabled in Uncanny Toolkit Pro for LearnDash
Fixed MemberPress Memberships Statuses batch operation not applying tags for cancelled, trial, and expired subscription statuses
Fixed Subscription Cancelled tags not be applied with MemberPress when a subscription is cancelled after its expiration date
Fixed new users registered via Gravity Forms User Registration not being synced during an auto-login session
Fixed Intercom rejecting new subscribers without a last name
Fixed unknown class FrmRegEntryHelper error when registering new users on older versions of Formidable Forms
Fixed PHP warning loading subscriber with no tags from Intercom
Fixed upgrade to 3.38.22 not setting autoload = yes on wpf_taxonomy_rules, which made content protected by taxonomy rules un-protected until saved again
Developers – Added wpf_woocommerce_subscription_sync_fields filter
Developers – Added function wpf_get_current_user_email()

v3.38.22 – 11/1/2021
Improved performance with checking post access against taxonomy term restrictions
Improved – If a field type is set to multiselect and it is stored as a comma-separated text value, the value will be synced as an array with supported CRMs
Improved – If a page using an auto-login query string (?cid=) is refreshed, for example due to a form submission, this will no longer force reload the contact’s tags from the CRM
Improved Zoho error handling
Fixed tags linked to BuddyBoss profile types not being assigned during registration when new user accounts are auto-activated
Fixed restricted LearnDash lessons not being hidden by Filter Course Steps in Focus Mode with the BuddyBoss theme
Fixed Lock Lessons with LearnDash outputting lock icon on lessons that were already locked by LearnDash core

v3.38.21 – 10/26/2021
Fixed all content being protected when no term taxonomy rules were set since 3.38.20

3.38.20 – 10/26/2021
Fixed SQL warning checking term access restrictions since 3.38.17
Fixed wpf_salesforce_auth_url filter (for connecting to sandboxes) not working with new OAuth integration from 3.38.17
Fixed WP Affiliate Manager integration not applying Approved tags when affiliates are auto-approved at registration

v3.38.19 – 10/25/2021
Fixed error with WP Remote Users Sync Cannot redeclare WPF_WP_Remote_Users_Sync::$slug

v3.38.18 – 10/25/2021
Fixed error with Advanced Ads Cannot redeclare WPF_Advanced_Ads::$slug
Fixed – Infusionsoft integration will force all numeric values to sync as text to get around java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to java.lang.String errors

v3.38.17 – 10/25/2021
Added Salesforce OAuth integration – Salesforce users will need to go to the WP Fusion settings page one time and grant OAuth permissions to use the new API
Added setting to apply tags when a review is left on a WooCommerce product
Added option to sync total points earned on a LearnDash quiz to a custom field in the CRM
Improved – When using Filter Queries – Advanced, posts protected by taxonomy terms will be properly excluded
Improved performance for Filter Queries with Elementor posts lists
Improved – If “Create contacts for new users” is disabled, a WooCommerce checkout by a registered user will now correctly apply the product tags directly to the contact record in the CRM
Improved – Removed “old” WooCommerce asynchronous checkout processor via WP Background Processing in favor of an AJAX request bound to the successful payment response from the gateway
Improved – If the LearnDash – WooCommerce plugin triggers an enrollment into a course or group which results in tags being applied, this will be indicated in the logs
Improved – Slowed down batch exporter with Bento to get around API throttling
Improved – When bulk editing more than 20 WooCommerce orders in the admin, WP Fusion will bypass applying any tags to avoid a timeout
Fixed fatal error undefined method FacetWP_Settings::get_field_html() in FacetWP 3.9
Fixed read only lists not showing on admin user profile with HubSpot since 3.38.16
Fixed Infusionsoft not loading more than 1000 available tags per category
Fixed custom fields not syncing when creating a new Bento contact
Fixed 429 / “API limits exceeded” errors not being logged with Bento
Fixed Salesforce automatic access token refresh failing when the password contains an ampersand
Developers — Added track_event() method to supported CRMs in advance of the new Event Tracking addon

v3.38.16 – 10/11/2021​
Added support for syncing to Date/Time fields with Keap and Infusionsoft
Added option to sync LearnDash course progress percentage with a custom field in the CRM
Added JetEngine integration
Improved – Read-only tags and lists will no longer show up in Apply Tags dropdowns (only Required Tags dropdowns)
Improved – If a user is auto-enrolled into a course via a linked tag, the tags in the Apply Tags – Enrolled setting will now be applied. This can be used in an automation to confirm that the auto-enrollment was successful
Improved – Dates displayed with the [[user_meta]] shortcode will now use the site’s current timezone
Improved – WP Remote Users Sync integration will no longer sync tag changes to a remote site when they’ve just been loaded from a remote site (safeguard against infinite loops)
Improved – WP Remote Users Sync integration will not send updated tags to remote sites more than once per pageload
Improved – A successful API response from Drip for a subscriber will remove the Inactive badge in the admin
Fixed not being able to de-select a selected pipeline and stage for ecommerce deals in the WooCommerce Order Status Stages section of the WP Fusion settings
Fixed automatic WooCommerce Subscriptions duplicate site detection not working
Fixed Prevent Reapplying Tags setting not being respected
Fixed an empty API response from Drip marking users as Inactive
Fixed fatal error “Too few arguments to function” when applying BuddyBoss profile type tags since

v3.38.15 – 10/11/2021​
Added Emercury site tracking
Added safety checks against infinite loops when using LearnDash and BuddyBoss auto-enrollments in conjunction with the Group Sync feature
Fixed bug since 3.38.14 that could cause content to become restricted if it was associated with a deleted taxonomy term
Fixed HTML not saving in the Default Restricted Content Message since 3.38.0
Fixed empty date fields being synced as 0 which could evaluate to January 1st 1970 in some CRMs
Fixed WooCommerce Product Addons integration not syncing Quantity type fields
Fixed WooCommerce Product Addons integration not syncing Text type fields
Fixed Async Checkout (New) for WooCommerce applying tags for On Hold orders (i.e. BACS)
Fixed dynamic tags with a text prefix not getting automatically removed when a WooCommerce order is refunded
Fixed WPF trying (and failing) to unenroll BuddyPress group moderators from groups when they were missing the group member linked tag
Fixed WPF settings not saving in CPT-UI since CPT-UI v1.10.0
Developers – Added function wpf_clean_tags() (same as wpf_clean() but allows special characters)

v3.38.14 – 10/5/2021
Added panel in the WP Fusion settings showing the loaded integrations, with links to the documentation for each
Improved Mailchimp API performance when loading available tags
Fixed error Uncaught Error: Class ‘WPF_Plugin_Updater’ not found conflict with WPMU Dev Dashboard v4.11.4
Fixed “Failed to apply tags – no contact ID” message when a registered user without a contact record filled out a form
Fixed special characters getting synced to the CRM HTML encoded since 3.38.0
Fixed Filter Course Steps with LearnDash not working when Shared Course Steps was off
Fixed category-based tag access rules not working
Fixed BuddyPress XProfile updates not syncing since BuddyPress v9.1.0
Fixed linked tags not being removed from the previous profile type when switching a user’s profile types in BuddyBoss
Fixed form submissions during an auto-login session not updating the correct contact record when there was no email address on the form
Fixed error with Gravity Forms when using “Create tag(s) from value” on a form field and no tags had been configured generally for the feed
Fixed custom fields not syncing with FooEvents when the customer who purchased the ticket is also an attendee
Fixed Salesforce integration not accepting a new security token until Refresh Topics and Fields was pressed
Fixed import tool with Drip not importing unsubscribed subscribers
Fixed import tool with Drip not importing more than 1000 subscribers
Fixed countries with e-acute symbol in their name not syncing to the Country field with Infusionsoft
Fixed date values before 1970 not being synced correctly
Fixed WooCommerce Product Addons integration not detecting Quantity type fields for sync
Fixed PHP notice Undefined index: step_display in LearnDash integration

v3.38.13 – 9/22/2021
Fixed Divi modules not respecting tag access rules with Divi Builder 4.10.8+

v3.38.12 – 9/21/2021

Fixed tags not loading from CRM for users who don\’t have any tags, since 3.38.11

v3.38.11 – 9/20/2021

Added WooCommerce Payment Plans integration
Improved – Filter Course Steps for LearnDash should now be a lot more reliable in terms of course step counts and progress tracking
Improved – If a WooCommerce Memberships membership plan is transferred to another user, the tags will be updated for both the previous and new owners
Added import tool support for Groundhogg (REST API)
Added support for loading multiselect data from Copper
Removed \”Enable Notifications\” setting from ConvertKit integration, in favor of the global \”Send Welcome Email\” setting
Maropost bugfixes
Updated Copper API URL
Fixed access checks sometimes failing when using tag names with HTML special characters in them
Fixed a bug whereby LearnDash lessons could become detached from a course if LearnDash tried to rebuild the course steps cache while the Restricted Content Message was being displayed in place of the course content
Fixed custom fields not syncing with Bento
Fixed multiselect data not syncing to Copper
Fixed checkbox data not syncing to Copper
Fixed PHP warning in Emercury integration
WPFusion Abandoned Cart Tracking Changelog:
1.7.0 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Enhanced Commerce Changelog:
1.18.0 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Media Tools Changelog:
1.2.3 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Logins Changelog:
1.2.4 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Webhooks Changelog:
1.3.1 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Downloads (BETA) Changelog:
1.2.2 – Same as previous…

v3.38.10 – 9/13/2021
Added Groundhogg (REST API) CRM integration
Added Simply Schedule Appointments integration
Added option to disable the sync of guest bookings with Events Manager
Improved – Events Manager dates and times will now be synced in the timezone of the event, not UTC
Fixed initial REST authentication (Groundhogg, FluentCRM, Autonami) sometimes breaking if there was a trailing slash at the end of the REST URL
Fixed lookups for ActiveCampaign Deep Data customer IDs sometimes failing (email address in URL wasn’t URL encoded)
Fixed import by tag with ActiveCampaign sometimes importing contacts with the wrong tag ID when the search string matched multiple tags
Fixed WP Fusion blocking Events Manager registrations when there was an API error creating the attendee contact record
Fixed ACF return formats not being respected for dates when using a Push User Meta operation
Fixed – Salesforce dates will now be formatted using gmdate() instead of date() (fixes some time zone issues)
Fixed – Updated Maropost API calls to use SSL API endpoint
Fixed admin override not working correctly in wpf_user_can_access() when checking the access for a different user (since 3.38.5)
WPFusion Abandoned Cart Tracking Changelog:
1.7.0 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Enhanced Commerce Changelog:
1.18.0 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Media Tools Changelog:
1.2.3 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Logins Changelog:
1.2.4 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Webhooks Changelog:
1.3.1 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Downloads (BETA) Changelog:
1.2.2 – Same as previous…

v3.38.9 – 9/7/2021
Added Download Monitor integration
Added BuddyBoss group organizer linked tag option
Improved – Clicking Process WP Fusion Order Actions Again on a WooCommerce order which contains a subscription renewal will also sync any enabled subscription fields
Improved – HubSpot’s site tracking script is now disabled on the WooCommerce My Account page, to prevent the script from trying to sync account edits with the CRM
Fixed tags with > and < symbols getting loaded from the CRM HTML-encoded
Fixed PHP warning in class WPF_User when registering a new user with no first or last name
Fixed Maropost webhooks not working since 3.38.0

v3.38.8 – 9/1/2021

Fixed parse error in LearnDash integration on some PHP versions since 3.38.5
Fixed form integrations not applying tags if no fields were enabled for sync since 3.38.5
Fixed Incomplete Address error with Mailchimp when syncing United States of America as the country, but not specifying a state
Updated EDD updater to v1.9
WPFusion Abandoned Cart Tracking Changelog:
1.7.0 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Enhanced Commerce Changelog:
1.18.0 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Media Tools Changelog:
1.2.3 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Logins Changelog:
1.2.4 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Webhooks Changelog:
1.3.1 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Downloads (BETA) Changelog:
1.2.2 – Same as previous…

v3.38.7 – 8/31/2021
Fixed apply tags via AJAX endpoints resulting in a 403 error since 3.38.0, with Media Tools and other addons
Improved logging with Drip, when an email address is changed to an address that already has a subscriber record
Fixed PHP warning in the admin when editing a page that has child pages

v3.38.6 – 8/30/2021
Fixed PHP notice in LearnDash integration since 3.38.5
WPFusion Abandoned Cart Tracking Changelog:
1.7.0 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Enhanced Commerce Changelog:
1.18.0 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Media Tools Changelog:
1.2.3 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Logins Changelog:
1.2.4 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Webhooks Changelog:
1.3.1 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Downloads (BETA) Changelog:
1.2.2 – Same as previous…

v3.38.5 – 8/30/2021
Added EventON integration
Added support for Bento webhooks
Added Pay Per Post tagging with WishList Member
Added Login With AJAX integration (login redirects will now work with the Return After Login setting)
Improved – When a contact ID is recorded in the logs, it will include a link to edit that contact in the CRM
Improved – It’s no longer necessary to enable Set Current User to pre-fill Gravity Forms fields with auto-login user data
Improved LearnDash course settings admin layout
Fixed – Removed wp_kses_post() on restricted content message (was breaking login forms)
Fixed http_request_failed errors from the WordPress HTTP API not being logged as errors
Fixed PHP warning loading custom fields from Bento
Fixed PHP warning in wpForo integration
Fixed fatal error syncing avatars to the CRM from the BuddyBoss app
Fixed Users Insights search only running on first page of results
Fixed FooEvents Zoom URL not syncing
Fixed fatal error in HubSpot integration when using site tracking and an API error was encountered trying to get the tracking ID
Fixed Fatal error: Cannot declare class AC_Connector since 3.38.0
Fixed memory leak with WPML, post category archives, and the Exclude Administrators setting
Fixed Ontraport integration not creating new contacts with missing emails (even though Ontraport allows contacts to not have an email address)
Developers: Added filter wpf_wp_kses_allowed_html
Developers: Data loaded from the CRM will now be passed through wp_kses_post() instead of sanitize_text_field() (since 3.38), to permit syncing HTML inside of custom fields
Fixed missing second argument $force_update in wpf_get_contact_id()
WPFusion Abandoned Cart Tracking Changelog:
1.7.0 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Enhanced Commerce Changelog:
1.18.0 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Media Tools Changelog:
1.2.3 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Logins Changelog:
1.2.4 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Webhooks Changelog:
1.3.1 – Same as previous…
WPFusion Downloads (BETA) Changelog:
1.2.2 – Same as previous…

v3.38.4 – 8/23/2021
Added Bento marketing automation integration
Fixed updates to existing contacts not working with Klaviyo
Fixed Bulk Edit box not appearing on LifterLMS lessons
Fixed JavaScript error with Resync Tags button on admin user profile
Fixed serialized data not being unserialized during a Push User Meta operation
Fixed parse error in MemberPress integration on some PHP versions
Developers: Fixed wpf_get_contact_id() sometimes returning an empty string instead of false when a contact record wasn’t found
WPFusion Abandoned Cart Tracking Changelog:
Same as previous…
WPFusion Enhanced Commerce Changelog:
Same as previous…
WPFusion Media Tools Changelog:
Same as previous…
WPFusion Logins Changelog:
Same as previous…
WPFusion Downloads (BETA) Changelog:
Same as previous…
WPFusion Webhooks Changelog:
Same as previous…

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List of WP Fusion Plugin Addons

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