WP Project Manager Pro v2.6.0 – Best Project Management Tool For WordPress


WP Project Manager Pro – Best Project Management Tool for WordPress

As one of the most advanced project management and task management tools for WordPress, WP Project Manager comes with a number of special features that make the team project management experience enjoyable. Your high productivity in creating, organizing and assigning tasks in just a few clicks.

The user-friendly interface and web-based task management feature allow users to complete their to-dos faster than ever.

Easily help your team complete all projects on time with its time tracking tool and create advanced performance reports with its built-in reporting feature that is completely hassle-free. This innovative innovative project management solution is known as one of the more trusted Open Source Project Management software for WordPress.

So now you can get rid of your headache for effective project management in no time with this super efficient project management app.

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Features WP Project Manager Pro

Things to do

  • Add as many to-do lists with titles and descriptions
  • Add tasks, assign users, set due dates
  • See the progress bar on the list
  • Add comments on individual to-do lists and to-dos
  • Mark a to-do as complete/unfinished


  • There are 3 types of milestones, a) upcoming, b) completed and c) late
  • Assign messages and to-do lists by milestone


  • Messages are used to discuss projects with colleagues of that project
  • You can add attachments to messages
  • Can comment for discussion


  • File sharing to ensure better understanding and workflow among colleagues.
  • Upload all files about messages and comments and navigate to individual attachment threads.
  • Upload and share files anytime in one place (Pro).


  • Email notifications to update users on their assigned, upcoming or outdated tasks.
  • Control who gets which notifications from settings (Pro).

Pro features

Kanban Boards for WordPress

  • Create unlimited custom boards according to your needs
  • Drag and drop tasks from one board to another at any time
  • Create new tasks right from the board whenever you want
  • Get an accurate idea of the current stages of all quests from one place

Gantt chart for WordPress

  • Observe task execution time through a horizontal bar chart
  • Change the start and end dates of a task or project
  • Evaluate dependencies between different tasks and sub-tasks

Time tracking

  • Timer with start, stop or pause for any task.
  • Calculate and track time spent on a task.
  • Paying hourly workers is made easy.

Invoices for customers

  • Invoices will be automatically formatted based on your input
  • Once payment is completed, the amount will be added to your account and the invoice will be automatically marked as paid
  • Invoices can be downloaded as pdf

BuddyPress for WordPress

  • Create different tasks for different groups
  • Set administrative staff with access to all departments
  • Set different permissions for different employee roles.
  • Manage everything from your website’s user interface

SubTask for a simpler task management system

  • Divide your long tasks into as many chunks as you want.
  • Assign some workers to some tasks.

WooCommerce Integration

  • You can create projects automatically once an order or payment is processed.
  • Control which products generate project types and tasks.
  • Add and manage user roles such as colleague, manager, and customer to Projects and Tasks.

Slack integration

  • Integrate your WP Project Manager Pro with the best workspace communication tool – Slack
  • Get instant notifications on your Slack channels when a new task, sub-task, comment is created, or an existing job is modified. And also when a task is completed or a new colleague is added.

Project management from the user interface

  • Allow your users to view your projects from the user interface
  • Manage projects without the backend.

WP Project Manager Function Standard

Efficient Tasks Management With Fruits Interface

Manage all kinds of tasks and projects with as little time as possible. The user-friendly interactive interface will not only give you a smooth experience, but will also help you increase your overall efficiency.

Easy To Generate Team Labor

With built-in discussion threads and file sharing options, get the most out of teamwork without any hassle. Easily work with remote teams simultaneously with this team collaboration tool for WordPress.

Fits For Any Team

No matter what team or organization you run, WP Project Manager ensures the best results from all types of teams. This is why this plugin has become a favorite open source project management software for every team and individual.

Full Control Of Privacy And Security

Don’t compromise privacy and permissions between tasks or projects. With customization of user roles and group permissions (Pro), managing who can see or who can manage which projects is easy.

Personal Site For Users

Everyone has their own dashboard to stay up to date on jobs in the most organized way. From this personal board, the user will only be able to access the projects and tasks that he is allowed to view.

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Privacy Policy

WP Project Manager Pro uses Appsero SDK to collect some telemetry data upon user confirmation. This helps us fix problems faster and improve the product.

Appsero SDK does not collect any data by default. The SDK only starts collecting basic telemetry data when the user allows it via admin notice. We collect data to ensure a great user experience for all of our users.

Appsero SDK integration DOES NOT IMMEDIATELY initiate data collection, without confirmation from the user in any case.

Changelog WP Project Manager Business – Best Project Management Tool for WordPress Nulled Free

= v2.6.0 – July 15, 2022 =

Update: Compatibility with PHP-8.x

Update: Added Localization/Translation support for all report and Invoice PDF.

Update: Updated domPdf library to mPdf supports from PHP5.6 to 8.x.

Fix: Fixed Invoice and reports are not exporting as PDF.

Fix: Milestone task download error if project and milestone not selected.

= v2.5.12 – Nov 11, 2021 =
ChartJS libraries from v2.x to v3.6.0
Fix Data escaping and sanitization issues all over the plugin

= v2.5.12 – Nov 11, 2021 =
**Update** ChartJS libraries from v2.x to v3.6.0
**Fix** Data escaping and sanitization issues all over the plugin

= v2.5.11 – Oct 11, 2021 =
**Fix** Sanitization and data validation issues
**Fix** Timezone issues in My Calendar
**Fix** Confirmation text not working while deleting Kanban board
**Fix** Recurring task undefined issue

= v2.5.10 – July 16, 2021 =
**Update** Info tooltip to remind that Estimation time is mandatory to get sub-task list
**Fix** Co-worker was unable to add custom time log
**Fix** After deleting one time log, new time log can not be created instantly
**Fix** Redirect to task detail page while searching tasks
**Fix** Some multisite support functionality
**Fix** Gantt chart routes naming for different server support

= v2.5.9 – Jan 29, 2021 =
**Fix** Time tracker is not working real time.

= v2.5.8 – Jan 26, 2021 =
* **New** Added: Estimation hours for Completed task & subtask.
* **Fix** PDF report download issue has been solved.
* **Fix** Task labels were automatically being assigned when a new task has been created.
* **Fix** Confirmation message not showing when deleting an attachment.
* **Fix** Set confirmation message when deleting a subtask.
* **Fix** Completed task were not showing in the task completed task section.
* **Fix** Subtask type were not showing after creating or updating the subtask.
* **Fix** Removing a user from subtask was not working properly.
* **Fix** Subtask field automatically being updated without pressing submit button.

= v2.5.6 – Dec 10, 2020 =
* **Update** Redesign subtask form.
* **Update** New column has been added to show the ‘Task Title’ list in the my-task reports.
* **Update** Tasks with zero estimation hour excluded from the summary report.
* **Update** Report graphs made responsive now.
* **Update** Estimation hour is now showing with completed subtask.
* **Update** PSR-4 standard.
* **Update** Updated task report query with task completed date.
* **Update** Task reports are now sorting by task completed date. It was with the subtask previously.
* **Fix** Subtask type was not showing properly- that has been fixed.
* **Fix** Task label could not be updated from project settings.
* **Fix** The task was not appearing after creating a new task label.

= v2.5.5 – Nov 21, 2020 =
* **Fix** Daily digest email notification.

= v2.5.4 – Nov 11, 2020
* **New** Reports in my task.
* **Fix** After upload file need to refresh for others activity.
* **Fix** Product search is not working while setting a Woo project.
* **Fix** User can not log their time from single task.
* **Fix** Recurring task schedule is not working.
* **Fix** Task filter from kanban board, progress bar continue loading.
* **Fix** Estimation hour is showing always zero when editing sub-task.
* **Update** Set file mime type icon.
* **Update** Archive task lists are showing when subtask move to the task.

WP Project Manager Pro – Best Project Management Tool for WordPress v2.5.3 Changelog
* **New** Add new permission for individual user.
* **Update** Remove ‘Project manager capability’ from settings.
* **Update** Remove ‘Project create capability’ from settings.
* **Update** Task recurrence has been changed completely.
* **Fix** User was landed on Kanban board by default and can not move to task list.
* **Fix** When the user goes to the archive it does not show in the archive list that has been archived before.
* **Fix** Pusher notification is not working for the private tasks.
* **Fix** ERP department’s users were not assigned the project automatically.
* **Fix** Co-worker can not change the subtask as a task. Even the co-worker is the creator of that task.
* **Fix** In the kanban board user was not able to import a single task.

Demo: https://wedevs.com/wp-project-manager-pro/

Download WP Project Manager Pro v2.6.0 Nulled (Buisiness):

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