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what is WP Social Ninja Pro?

WP Social Ninja Pro – Best Social Media Plugin v3.5.4 Nulled

Make the most out of your Social Channels with WP Social Ninja WP Manage Ninja brings to you the most efficient WordPress social tool that fetches social feeds, user reviews, and social chat widgets to your website. It’s like a social swiss knife inside your WordPress admin panel.

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WP Social Ninja Pro by WP Manage Ninja Features:

  • This function is called “Social Reviews.”
    • Number of Customer Reviews
    • Minimum Rating Filters
    • Filter by Title of Reviews
    • Request More Testimonials
  • Advanced social review capabilities in one location to handle all of your platforms
    • Variation in Layout
    • Several Templates
    • Advanced Filtering Options
    • Style Evaluation
    • Dimensions that are the same
    • Length of Content
    • Show the name and photo of the reviewer.
    • Syncing on the fly
    • Header Options
  • Social Feeds are a feature of
    • Sync automatically
    • Supported ShortCodes
    • Completely Responsive
    • Hashtag or Searchterm is a phrase that is used to describe anything.
  • With only one reliable tool, you can completely personalize your social feed platforms.
    • Feed Preferences
    • Variation in Layout
    • Video Preferences
    • Filters
    • Post
    • Button should be followed.
    • Header Options
    • Cache Options
    • Syncing on the fly
  • Features of Social Chat
    • Several chat widgets
    • Customize the chatbox
    • Display the prompt
    • Make a schedule.
  • Upgrade your site’s social chat widget with improved functionality.
    • Types of Templates
    • Header of the conversation
    • Body of the Conversation
    • Button to Start Chat
    • Button for the chat bubble and its location
    • When you’re not connected to the internet, you can use the caption text.
    • Chatbox Design
    • Where Should Chat Be Displayed?
    • Widget for On-Page Chat

WP Social Ninja Pro by WP Manage Ninja Changelog:

v3.5.2 ( Date: February 02, 2022 )
– Add header title option for Fluent Forms channel in Chat widgets
– Fix js error in oxygen page builder issue
– Fix Facebook Feed curl error issue
– Fix Facebook Feed page profile picture image quality issue
– Fix Facebook Feed Masonry Layout overlapping issue in Firefox browser
– Fix Tripadvisor invalid date issue
– Fix Tripadvisor header rating issue
– Fix custom review and fluent forms review merge issue

New Update Changelog v3.5.1​
Fix database issue
Improve localize script compatible for WordPress 5.9
Improve small CSS

v3.5.0 ( Date: January 24, 2022 )
– Add Facebook Feed
– Add Facebook Feed Elementor Widget
– Add Facebook Feed Oxygen Widget
– Add Facebook Feed Beaver Widget
– Fix others platform reviews not showing when Fluent Forms reviews are added
– Fix swiper slider conflict with elementor 3.5.0
– Fix YouTube auto play issue in chrome browser
– Fix fluent form chat widget icon issue
– Fix reviews popup template scrollbar issue
– Improve instagram template caption font size in mobile device
– Improve GMB reviews limit is 100
– Remove important tag from all button css

v3.2.1 ( Date: December 06, 2021 )
– Add Fluent Forms Modal in Chat Widget
– Improve Fluent Form chat widget style
– Fix Facebook reviews page limit issue
– Fix Facebook Reviews Create Template issue
– Fix PHP Error on plugin installation
– Fix date translate issue
– Fix reviews template scrollbar issue
– Fix GMB translated by google text issue

New Update Changelog v3.2.0​
Add Fluent Forms integration in chat widget
Add Fluent Forms reviews manually approve settings option
Add Badge layout custom title option
Add Notification streams custom title option
Add Load More button custom text option
Add Reviews header custom text option
Improve badge template 2 style
Improve feeds Hide Specific Posts input field validation
Fix multiple platform support in notification streams
Fix date format issue
Fix trustpilot reviews duplicate issue
Fix tripadvisor data fetch issue

v3.1.1 ( Date: November 09, 2021 )
– Add reviewer URL map field for Fluent Forms integration
– Improve Oxygen page builder native widget assets loading
– Fix Oxygen Reviews Widget write a review button css issue
– Fix Notification streams date hide option
– Fix Instagram business accounts multiple accounts select issue
– Fix reviews filter issue in editor all reviews
– Fix airbnb modal issue
– Fix YouTube image loading issue

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