YITH WooCommerce Multi-step Checkout v2.0.12


A/B split testing into checkout pages (analysis made to find out which checkout structure works better in e-commerce sites) has turned out to be the best choice for a better user experience during purchase.

This because a multi-step structure helps customers feel more comfortable during payment operations as they understand better which step they are filling in.

During checkout, customers are generally required to add a lot of data on the same page and this process might appear long and confusing. In one word: disheartening.
A multi-step checkout helps sorting data and split them in different and progressive sections: this makes this process much clearer and tidier in customers’ mind. It avoids confusion and reduces dramatically possible errors in filling out forms. So, cart abandonment, common problem of sites with complex checkout, is so highly reduced and spares you from losing customers during the last phase of purchasing.

Changelog YITH WooCommerce Multi-step Checkout

VERSION 2.0.14 – RELEASED ON 27 JUNE 2021​
New: support for WordPress 5.8
New: support for WooCommerce 5.5
Update: YITH plugin framework

New: support for WordPress 5.7
New: support for WooCommerce 5.1
Update: YITH plugin framework

= v2.0.9 – Released on 09 February 2021 =
* New: support for WooCommerce 5.0
* Update: YITH plugin framework
* Dev: hook yith_wcms_main_script_deps to filter the main script dependencies

= v2.0.3 – Released on 15 September 2020 =
* New: Support for WooCommerce 4.5
* Fix: Unable to place order if order info and payment steps are merged

v2.0.2 – RELEASED ON 17 AUGUST 2020
New: Support for WooCommerce 4.4
New: Support for WordPress 5.5
Fix: Prevent style issue with Avada
Fix: Unable to add checkout information on Android device

= v2.0.0 – Released on 01 July 2020 =
* New: Support for WooCommerce 4.3
* New: Plugin options panel layout
* New: Checkout style
* New: Checkout style on mobile
* New: SVG Icons set
* New: Ability to choose a different style for mobile
* New: Ability to merge billing and shipping in a single step
* New: Ability to merge order info and payment in a single step
* New: Ability to show icons and step numbers for all steps
* New: Layout options for text style
* New: Option to save the checkout fields when users leaves the checkout page
* New: Choose to hide or set a default or a custom icon, to identify each step
* New: Set the checkout page width in relation to the width of the steps timeline
* Update: Plugin framework
* Update: Language files
* Fix: Minor layout issues with selectWoo library
* Fix: Unable to go to the next step if ‘create account’ option is unchecked
* Fix: Dashicons not available on frontend for not logged-in users
* Fix: Layout issues in Style 2 and Style 3 on mobile view
* Dev: yith_wcmv_have_mobile_timeline to check if current style have a dedicated mobile timeline
* Dev: yith_wcmv_max_mobile_width to filter the max-width value for mobile device

= v1.9.3 – Released on 28 May 2020 =
* New: Support for WooCommerce 4.2
* Update: Plugin framework
* Fix: Unable to validate the form with YITH WooCommerce Share for Discount enabled on checkout page

v1.9.2 – RELEASED ON 30 APRIL 2020
New: Support for WooCommerce 4.1
New: Support for Electro Theme
Update: Plugin framework

v1.9.1 – RELEASED ON 09 MARCH 2020
New: Support for WordPress 5.4
New: Support for WooCommerce 4.0
Fix: Unable to translate message shown to returning customers
Update: Italian language

= v1.9.0 – Released on 09 March, 2020 =
*New: Support for WordPress 5.4
*New: Support for WooCommerce 4.0
*Fix: Unable to translate message shown to returning customers
*Update: Italian language

= v1.8.2 – Released on 23 December 2019 =
New: Support for Twenty Twenty theme
New: Support for WooCommerce 3.9
Update: Plugin framework

= v1.8.0 – Released on 28th October, 2019 =
New: Support for WordPress 5.3
New: Support for WooCommerce 3.8
Update: Plugin framework
Update: All language files
Removed: Enable plugin option

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