Alchemists – Sports, eSports&Gaming Club and News WordPress Theme v4.4.11

Alchemists – Sports, eSports & Gaming Club and News WordPress Theme v4.4.8

The Alchemists – Sports Club and News WordPress Theme

Welcome to the ultimate sports WordPress theme for your Basketball, Soccer, American football sports or eSports club and news site. Built with the legendary SportsPress plugin, The Alchemists is perfect for player, team, club or league sites, or for sports magazine and news pages.


Built with the top SportsPress WordPress sports management plugin, The Alchemists is a comprehensive sports team, player, club, league or magazine WordPress theme. SportsPress includes a full suite of tools for you to create and customize your dream sports site, so the sky really is the limit!

Designed with you in mind, The Alchemists gives you everything you need for the ultimate sports site, including fixtures, results, league tables, player profiles, stats and rankings, club profiles, events calendar, match overviews, detailed match reviews, venue information and maps, news and updates, next match countdown, sports presets, a merchandise store, and loads more!

Complete Team Pages – We have designed team pages with rosters, overviews, galleries, standings, tickets, schedules, latest results and full statistics.

Team Roster Versions – The theme includes several different versions of the roster pages, ranging from a simple list to a dynamic player slider and player info card, so you can decide how you want to show off your team.

Full Statistics & Charts – Choose from a full range of statistics and game charts to keep track of how your team is doing, including latest game results, team leaders, team stats, lineup and tactics chart, timelines, logs, top goalscorers, awards, games history, and much more!

Full Player Profile Pages – We have designed multiple versions of the profile pages so that fans can scroll through their favorite players and get the inside info. Key information is displayed at the top, and users can then navigate through their statistics, biography, and more, via simple tabs.

Number Statistics & Averages – The theme offers full number statistics and logs (for both the team and individual players) that show scores, minutes played, assists, fouls, and much more.

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Changelog: Alchemists – Sports, ESports & Gaming Club And News WordPress Theme

v4.4.11 December 6, 2021
TWEAKSportsPress 2.7.13 compatibility
TWEAKJumbotron – Set Title color set as headings color
UPDATESlider Revolution 6.5.11

Version 4.4.8 – September 15, 2021
* [tweak] WooCommerce 5.6.0 compatibility
* [tweak] Main Search Form and Header Search Form tweaked to be compatible with third-party plugins, e.g. Polylang
* [tweak] Social links now availaible for Player Header Full Width layout
* [update] Slider Revolution 6.5.8
* [update] Translation files
* [update] ACF 5.10.2

Version 4.4.7 – August 21, 2021
* [tweak] ALC: Post Loop – added an anchor to pagination links if ID attribute is set
* [tweak] Theme Options – removed ‘transparent’ color for fields used to build color schemes to prevent issues on SCSS compiling
* [tweak] Translation files updated
* [update] Slider Revolution 6.5.7

Version 4.4.6 – July 26, 2021
* [new] French traslation added (thanks to Pierre Cailly)
* [tweak] Theme Options – added option to customize texts of Site Name and Tagline in the Footer
* [tweak] Removed block support from Widget areas
* [tweak] Checked with WordPress 5.8
* [fix] Theme Options – fixed Redux styling issues
* [fix] Events Archive – events are not displayed on Day Archive if Teams option is disabled
* [fix] ALC: Post Grid Slider – layout is broken if posts number is not multiple of 3
* [update] Slider Revolution 6.5.5
* [update] ACF 5.9.9
* [update] WPBakery Page Builder 6.7.0

Version 4.4.5 – June 18, 2021
* [fix] eSports – Kills and K/D/A ratio icons are not displayed
* [fix] ALC: Event Scoreboard + Event Page – added a space between League and Season words
* [fix] chartjs – Title displayed in chart tooltips in Safari (ALC: Games History, ALC: Team Points History, Single Player Radar Chart, etc.)
* [fix] Friendly events filter doesn’t work correctly for Event Blocks layout
* [update] Slider Revolution 6.5.2

Version 4.4.4 – May 28, 2021
* [tweak] Name or Surname for players with one name (or surname) formatted incorrectly
* [tweak] WooCommerce 5.2 compatibility
* [update] ACF 5.9.6
* [update] Slider Revolution 6.4.11
* [update] DF Social Count 1.3.1
* [fix] Comment section background color is not reflecting on color customization
* [fix] Custom Nav Paddings don’t work
* [fix] Child Theme – set child theme’s version for the child theme stylesheet
* [fix] Player Boxed – layout is broken if name is too long
* [fix] Event Match Result – Awards > Star Number displayed incorrectly

Version 4.4.3 – March 11, 2021
* [new] Theme Options: Footer Copyright – added option to display only Text
* [new] Theme Options: Hero Unit Static – added typography options
* [tweak] Post Filter – “Order By” options wrapped with filter to be able to change them in a child theme
* [tweak] Theme Options: Tertiary Nav – added option to set 0px height
* [tweak] Theme Options: Typography – added global option to change font-style and font-weight for accent font
* [tweak] Sponsors – decreased minimum value for the Sponsors Carousel autospeed option (1s)
* [tweak] Ajax Loader tweaked for Contact Form 7 5.4+
* [tweak] Event Logos – header elements are not centered if side element missed (eSports)
* [tweak] Added posibility to customize placeholder images via child theme
* [tweak] Removed some jQuery deprecations
* [tweak] WPML – better compatibility
* [tweak] Translation files updated
* [update] Alchemists SCSS Compiler 4.4.1
* [update] Slider Revolution 6.4.3
* [update] WPBakery Page Builder 6.6.0
* [update] Alchemists WooCommerce Grid / List toggle 1.1.5
* [update] Alchemists Advanced Posts 2.1.1
* [update] ACF 5.9.5
* [fix] Team Roster – fixed some incorrect colors (eSports)
* [fix] Team Roster – “Medic” icon is not displayed (eSports)
* [fix] Typography – italic fonts are not customizable for different headings (eSports)
* [fix] ALC: Text Ticker – secondary custom color is not changing (eSports)
* [fix] ALC: Text Ticker – category labels are not vertically aligned
* [fix] ALC: Event Results – fixed incorrect colors for expand button
* [fix] Twitch – “Live” label had an incorrect text color in some cases
* [fix] Event Blocks – broken layout might appear if Team Names are too long
* [fix] Shop: Product Grid – incorrect number of columns displayed in Grid view
* [fix] Shop: View icon – incorrect color
* [fix] Shop: View Toggle – incorrect color (American Football)
* [fix] ALC: Post Loop – fixed bug with non-working pagination on Home page
* [fix] ALC: Post Loop – 2 cols displayed if “Card 3 cols” layout is set
* [tweak] Small tweaks and fixes

Version 4.4.2 – January 20, 2021
* [tweak] ALC: Albums – added option to select specific albums
* [tweak] Theme Options: Player Header – added option to select Statistics
* [tweak] Replaced texts for SportsPress > Settings > Matches > Teams > Layout (Default and Extended)
* [update] Slider Revolution 6.3.5
* [update] ACF 5.9.4
* [fix] Player Blocks – Birthday displayed even if the option is disabled
* [fix] SportsPress Pro Tournament brackets – incorrect color for brackets
* [fix] ALC: Text Ticker – incorrect work on RTL sites
* [fix] ALC: Post Grid – Layout 1-2 – links opened in an iframe

Version 4.4.1 – December 25, 2020
* [tweak] Preloader – removed border radius from image-based preloaders
* [fix] ALC: Player Game-by-game – error appears if Past Team is empty
* [fix] Single Player – broken layout (incorrect initialization)
* [fix] Theme Options – false positive for HEX color validations in some rare cases
* [fix] Event Scoreboard – outputs old events (SportsPress Pro)
* [fix] Hero Unit Post Slider – view icon displayed twice
* [tweak] Small JS tweaks

Version 4.4.0 – December 21, 2020
* [new] Basketball and Soccer dark color versions
* [new] Instagram widget on Home 2 (eSports)
* [new] DF Social Count: added VK button
* [new] Added “Canvas” template which doesn’t include Header, Footer, and Sidebar
* [new] Theme Options – added option to customize Header Mobile height
* [tweak] ALC: Post Loop – if 2 or 3 cols layout is selected make post height equal
* [tweak] Added ‘alchemists_after_post_featured_img’ action hook to post images (dev)
* [tweak] Theme Options – added Track color option
* [tweak] Changed Circular Bars static track color to dynamic (customizable)
* [tweak] DF Social Count: Removed Google+ counter
* [tweak] DF Social Count: Updated Instagram counter
* [tweak] Theme Options: Top Bar Social Links – added option to customize colors (regular, hover) and opacity
* [tweak] Widgets Recent Posts, Top Posts – added option to display posts by for a time period
* [tweak] Player: small tweaks for player photo on mobile (eSports)
* [tweak] Player Roster: Carousel + Thumbs – added navigation arrows on mobile (eSports)
* [tweak] Player Roster: Carousel + Thumbs – make carousel nav centered (visible if less 6 players displayed)
* [tweak] Player Roster: Carousel + Thumbs – added navigation arrows to carousel if more than 6 players are visible
* [tweak] Widget Results – replaced Description with Title
* [tweak] Post Views – reworked with AJAX
* [tweak] SVG Icons – removed inline fills and strokes
* [tweak] Instagram Feed 2.5 compatibility
* [tweak] ALC: Team Leaders – added option to change order (ASC, DESC)
* [tweak] ALC: Team Leaders – added additional parameter (Played Games) to sort players
* [tweak] ALC: Team Leaders – added option to reverse circular bars
* [tweak] Events List – added video icon to buttons for events with videos
* [tweak] Theme Options – added option to set the fixed Header Mobile
* [tweak] Sponsors – layout improvements enhancement (option to set it in carousel view)
* [tweak] JS tweaks and deprecations
* [tweak] Theme Options – add option to customize Progress Background Color
* [tweak] Twitch – replace static streamers background with streamers channel background (if set)
* [tweak] ALC: Player Game-by-Game – incorrect output if player changed the team
* [update] Bootstrap 4.5.3
* [update] FontAwesome 5.15.1
* [update] Alchemists Advanced Posts 2.1.0
* [update] DF Social Count 1.3.0
* [update] Alchemists SCSS Compiler 4.4.0
* [update] Slider Revolution 6.3.3
* [update] WPBakery Page Builder 6.5.0
* [update] Demo import files
* [update] SportsPress 2.7.5
* [fix] SportsPress Pro: Box Score – removed code output
* [fix] Events – the issue when “Recap” is displayed for unpublished events
* [fix] Sponsors – issue when the top border is not visible
* [fix] Header Tertiary Nav Dropdown – incorrect z-index
* [fix] ALC: Event Results – empty values cause to error

= v4.3.3 =
* [tweak] Social Links – removed translation function for Social Links
* [tweak] Improved layout for Tablets (‘order-md-*’ replaced with ‘order-lg-*’)
* [tweak] Team Roster – made Roster List fullwidth if Featured Player is not selected
* [tweak] WC Header Shopping Cart – removed unnecessary escaping
* [tweak] Event Box Score – applied Team Colors to progress bars (fro SportsPress Pro)
* [tweak] ALC: Player Stats – added option to customize background image
* [fix] Social Links – hover color remains default after color scheme customization
* [fix] Featured Player – Performance icons are not displayed
* [fix] Event Logos Block – added check for empty values (eSports)
* [fix] Event List – added check for an empty venue array
* [fix] Player Performances – icons were displayed for equations
* [fix] Event Scoreboard – Progress Bars reworked with Progress Tables (long label width issue)
* [fix] ALC Scoreboard – Progress Bars rework with Progress Tables (long label width issue)
* [update] Alchemists SCSS Compiler 4.3.1
* [update] Alchemists Advanced Posts 2.0.8
* [update] ACF 5.9.3

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