Another Renewable Free IPv6 VPS Hosting of 2024

With the depletion of IPv4 resources, IPv6 has become the future trend, and it can be used to deploy various services.

Therefore, VPS servers that provide IPv6 addresses have become popular among many people.

In a previous article, we have already introduced a free IPv6 VPS server: provides a 10-day free service period, which can be manually renewed after expiration, making it ideal for temporary testing purposes.

However, 10 days is still a relatively short period of time, and some users may need a longer free trial period for an IPv6 server. Today, we would like to recommend another free IPv6 VPS server – euserv.

Another Free IPv6 VPS-euserv

Compared to, euserv provides 1 month of free IPv6 and IPv4, which can be renewed manually or through scripts. The “VS2-free” plan they offer can be used for free in the basic version with IPv6, making it ideal for testing or as a development environment.

Basic Configuration of euserv Free IPv6 VPS

euserv Free IPv6 VPS Hardware

Processor (vCPU)AMD/Intel
Frequency1 Core @ 1 GHz
Virtualization TypeLinux Container
Harddisk10 GB HDD @ Raid10
Network-Card1x 1Gbit

euserv Free IPv6 VPS Network + Traffic

Network connectionconnection speed to network1x 1 GBit/s ¹
Connection speed 1 GBit/s ¹
Trafficmonthly included traffic volume1 TB
Peak bandwidth. All servers share the connection of the host system. If the inclusive traffic is exceeded, the connection becomes capped to 1Mbit/s, if no additional traffic is purchased by customer.

euserv Free IPv6 VPS Services

remote Rescue-System24×7 SSH access without booting from harddiskyes
Remote Rebootreboot server 24×7 via customer control panelyes
Free Reinstallreinstall server 24×7 via customer control panelyes
Free OS-Changechange operating system via customer control panelyes
Reverse DNSpersonalize Reverse DNS-entries of IP-addressesyes
IPv4-Addressesfree of charge
additional IPv41.00  EUR per IP / moyes, optional up to 16
IPv6-Addressesfree of charge1x /128
additional IPv61.00  EUR per IP / moyes, optional up to 16

euserv Free IPv6 VPS Contract + Termination

Contract Term*possible contract terms1 month
Contract renewal typetype of contract renewal: automatic or manualmanual
Payment Term*prepayment period
Termination notice*min. time to cancel contract before automatic renewal1 month
*) Terms may vary for specials or promotional offers. ¹) Average delivery time after payment and account confirmation. Average delivery time for already activated accounts is <8h.

Registration steps for euserv Free IPv6 VPS

I have tried it out, and the registration process for this server is very simple.

First, click on this link:

On this page, you can find the VS2-free server, which is free on a monthly basis, but requires a one-time installation fee of 2.38 euros for the first use. After payment, you won’t need to pay any fees for monthly renewals. It’s like paying the installation fee once and then remembering to renew it every month to use this IPv6 VPS for free.

After clicking “See This Plan Details,” you will enter the purchase page. Click “Order” on the right and follow the prompts to make the purchase, continue with the payment, and then register an account.

euserv Free ipv6 vps order
euserv Free ipv6 vps order
euserv Free ipv6 vps order period monthly
euserv Free ipv6 vps order period monthly
euserv Free ipv6 vps checkout
euserv Free ipv6 vps checkout

I won’t go into the details of the registration process. Once you receive the verification code in your email, if you haven’t received the email, remember to check your spam folder. Gmail usually automatically puts these emails in the spam folder.

euserv Free ipv6 vps register
euserv Free ipv6 vps register

After filling out the necessary information, complete the payment on the page, and your free IPv6 VPS server will be yours.

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