Earn Money with Your Idle VPS

Principle Analysis

Recently, I have been paying attention to earning money with VPS, and today I will fill in some gaps. Selling traffic, as mentioned here, is something that many people have heard of, which involves selling your VPS’s traffic to others in exchange for compensation.

However, it’s important to note that data center IP traffic is inexpensive, while residential IP and mobile traffic are the most expensive.

Let me give you an example: IPRoyal has a service called Pawns.app, I have discuss this before,where you can register and download their software.

By installing it on your target host, you can sell your network traffic to other IPRoyal users. In this buy-and-sell process, IPRoyal can make profits of up to 400%.

Other residential proxy companies follow a similar model, and there are also some methods involving traffic obtained through hacking, which are not within the scope of today’s discussion.

In general, proxy companies purchase traffic from regular users (purchase price: residential IP $0.2/G; data center IP $0.1/G) and sell it to businesses or individuals (selling price: residential IP $3-30/G; data center IP $1.5/G).

You can calculate the profit margin from these numbers.

Of course, traffic in the Asia-Pacific region is not as valuable as in Europe and America, which can be several times more expensive than Russia, Vietnam, or India.

Don’t ask me how I know, it’s just a guess.

How much can you earn?

To be honest, this is a question I am reluctant to discuss because the earnings from this method are not as abundant as I imagined. As shown in the image:

The earnings in the image are from a test I conducted using 12 different VPS locations. I will explain why I used 12 later on!

Based on the income situation on the first day shown in the image (after installing at noon, with only 12 hours of data), the average daily earnings for 12 VPS is $0.12, which amounts to $3.6 per month and $43 per year. Surprisingly, the income is still similar even after 18 hours, which is unexpected.

This may be related to my understanding. I thought that 1GB of traffic would be quickly used up, but that’s not the case.

Even if we are well-prepared, there must be people using your VPS’s traffic in order to generate commissions. If no one uses it, there will be no income.

But it’s okay, I have methods to increase income. Here are some considerations:

  1. Regardless of how many devices are installed on the same IP, only one income is calculated. Therefore, having multiple IP devices can have the greatest impact here.
  2. Earnings from residential IP are significantly higher than from data center VPS, roughly 30 times higher for a single VPS.

Here, I tested 1 hour on my computer, and the income was 3 cents.

  1. Register as many websites as possible and install multiple containers on each VPS. In theory, this can multiply your income. For example, if you register 10 websites and sell traffic to 10 companies, your income will also be multiplied by 10.
  2. I don’t have VPS with pure IPv6, so I couldn’t test it. Yesterday, Hetzner informed me that they have 1000 pure IPv6 machines, which cost 59 euros per month. If NAT can be used, you can earn 1 cent per machine per day, which amounts to 150 euros per month. It sounds like a great opportunity!

Note: The steps for operating a VPS with pure IPv6 are: 1. Install Warp, 2. Install Docker, 3. Start the container. It has been tested and proven effective.

  1. Sharing 4G on Android or iOS can bring more earnings, but after giving it some thought, I decided not to pursue that option.

Disclaimer: If this project is just about selling idle resources, it’s not very interesting. But if you delve into it, there is definitely potential.

Getting Started

Here is the process using the well-known traffmonetizer from Estonia as an example:

1.Register on traffmonetizer and get $5 as a bonus.

2.If you are using Windows, Mac, or Android, simply download and install the application and enter the token when prompted. The token can be found in the dashboard.

3.For Linux operations, I use Docker.

apt update
apt install docker.io

4.Go to https://hub.docker.com/r/traffmonetizer/cli and download the version according to your server.

5.Run the container command.

docker run -i --name tm traffmonetizer/cli start accept --token 8XXXXXXXXXXXXX/lkdlsaldfFJKsdksalkdlsd=

Make sure to replace the token with your own. If you have multiple hosts, it is recommended to add –device-name to differentiate them.

6.For VPS with multiple IPs, refer to this: https://hub.docker.com/r/traffmonetizer/cli

7.After installation, it only takes a little time, and you can see the machine data in the background. If conditions permit, installing the container on the router is also a good method.

8.After testing, I found that Vinhedo is the highest-earning in 12 regions.

9.Let me explain why there are 12 machines. The reason is that Oracle Cloud allows a maximum of 4 instances, and each instance can have 3 IP addresses, totaling 12 IPs, equivalent to 12 VPS.

Since I have limited time, I don’t know if the free account can be added to all 12. If it can, then it’s not just playing for free but also making money… Comment: This idea is really…!

Similar websites

  1. Pawns can also be installed using Docker, the method is the same, and you can pay with PayPal.
  2. proxylite.ru from Russia can be directly installed on the Linux command line, and payment can be made with Bitcoin or QIWI.
  3. peer2profit claims to earn $2-4.5 per IP per month, currently under testing…

Continuously adding more, aiming to find 10 and double the income!


For those with few VPS resources on hand, there is no need to try this project. If you have a large number of idle VPS, you can hang them as well. VPS that can stay online for a long time should generate higher income.

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