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Another free ipv6 vps Update:

04/02/2024 Update-If you think the duration of the free trial too short, you can try another free IPv6 VPS -euserv that offers a 1-month free trial period. After the expiration, you can renew it manually. It’s more convenient in comparison.

Today, I bring you another free hosting option with pure IPv6. It is very similar to Hax and offers high stability, but not many people are aware of it.


You need a Telegram account.
Registration link:

Registration process

1.First, open and send “/getid” command to the bot to obtain your Telegram ID.

2.On the registration page, enter your ID and click on “Reset Password.”

3.In your Telegram account, you will receive a code from the bot. Enter the code and set a new login password on the following page.

4.Then, go to to log in.

5.Click on the menu “Create VPS,” select the data center location, choose the operating system, enter an SSH password, select the purpose, and check the five protocols below.

This will create your VPS. It takes approximately 20 minutes for the creation process.


If there are no options available for the data center, it means there is no stock. Deliveries may be made at 12:00 each day, so please be vigilant and check on time.

This VPS is valid for 10 days and can be renewed upon expiration.

Renewal method

Send a message to the bot with “/renew” command. The bot will reply with a code. Go to, enter the code, and complete the human verification process to renew for another 10 days.

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