ENIAC Day,FriendHosting is launching a 50% discount promotion

To celebrate ENIAC Day, FriendHosting is launching a 50% discount promotion. FriendHosting is a well-established European hosting provider that offers VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) products in multiple European data centers.

Compared to the usual discounts of around 30%, this 50% discount is quite significant. If you are in need of affordable European and American VPS, you should consider this offer.

ENIAC Day is a holiday established to commemorate the birth of the ENIAC computer. ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was the world’s first general-purpose electronic computer, which was first put into use on February 14, 1946, at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States.

ENIAC Day is celebrated annually on February 14th to celebrate and recognize the significant milestone of the ENIAC computer.

This holiday not only pays tribute to ENIAC as a breakthrough innovation in computer history but also celebrates the tremendous progress made in the field of computer science and technology.

ENIAC Day discount code

Code: ENIAC24

Promotion period

February 14, 2024, to March 30, 2024.

European and American VPS packages

The discounted packages include virtual hosting, with only the Netherlands data center available for virtual hosting.

The main focus is on VDS/VPS, which offers SSD and HDD options. The prices mentioned below are the original prices, but they will actually be discounted by 30%.


Utilizes SSD solid-state drives, starting from 512MB memory at €2.99+. Offering 100Mbps unlimited bandwidth

512M1 core5GNo limit100M€2.99/monthLink
1G1 core10GNo limit100M€4.49/monthLink
2G2 cores20GNo limit100M€8.49/monthLink
4G4 Nuclear35GNo limit100M€17.25/monthLink
8G8 cores70GNo limit100M€34.49/monthLink
16G8 cores120GNo limit100M€54.99/monthLink
24G10 cores180GNo limit100M€74.99/monthLink
32G12 cores240GNo limit100M€99.99/monthLink


If you require larger storage options, you can choose HDD drives. The maximum offered storage is 4TB.Offering 100Mbps unlimited bandwidth

512M1 core100GNo limit100M€2.99/monthLink
1G1 core250GNo limit100M€4.49/monthLink
2G2 cores500GNo limit100M€8.49/monthLink
4G4 Nuclear1TNo limit100M€16.99/monthLink
8G8 cores2TNo limit100M€34.49/monthLink
16G8 cores4TNo limit100M€54.99/monthLink

Test data centers and IP addresses

Netherlands:, http://lg-nl.friendhosting.net/100MB.test
Bulgaria:, http://lg-bg.friendhosting.net/100MB.test
Latvia:, http://lg-lv.friendhosting.net/100MB.test
Poland:, http://lg-pl.friendhosting.net/100MB.test
Czech Republic:, http://lg-cz.friendhosting.net/100MB.test
Sweden:, http://lg-ch.friendhosting.net/100MB.test
Ukraine (Kharkiv):, http://lg-ua-kha.friendhosting.net/100MB.test
Ukraine (Kyiv):, http://lg-ua-kyiv.friendhosting.net/100MB.test
Los Angeles:, http://lg-us-la.friendhosting.net/100MB.test
Miami:, http://lg-us-mia.friendhosting.net/100MB.test

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