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Olympus – Social Networking WordPress Theme is the only tool needed to build a powerful social network and create a friendly community with hundreds of members. OLYMPUS WordPress Theme No coding skills are required and installation only takes a few seconds.

Build your community in a few steps!

Check out why Olympus is the best choice for your social network. Easy to use, regular updates, great support and more!

Enter Demo with 1 Click

Importing the demo is really simple with 1 click! We know timing is important so with this you can quickly develop the website they want.

Integrating Youzer

We have integrated Youzer plugin best seller to pack Olympus with amazing new social features for you to enjoy!

Great profile feature

The best features for you to create amazing profiles, like private profiles, 12 different tabs and 20 different widgets.

Great social features

Lots of features like friendships, groups, likes and more will take your WordPress community website to the next level.

Includes illustrations!

We’ve included a pack of 7 headers with all the illustrations and 15 badge designs for you to customize however you want!

Great review

We are an Elite Author with over 18,000 happy customers who know and love our themes and templates!

SVG icons included!

We’ve carefully crafted over 50 custom icons and we’re including them in the pack! All in SVG format for easier customization!

Experienced Support

Our experienced support will help you with all the doubts and questions you may have about the theme and the update.

Responsive Design

Fully responsive design, ready to look great on all different types of devices, like tablets or smartphones.

Demo: https://themeforest.net/item/olympus-responsive-community-social-network-wordpress-theme/22788499

Full Features Olympus – Social Networking WordPress Theme


Improved Olympus! Integrating Youzer

Main features of Olympus version 2.0. integrated with Youzer plugin, by far the best BuddyPress Community & User Profile Plugin.

It offers a wide range of social and profile features, which will take your WordPress community website to the next level. Together with Olympus design your website will become a perfect WordPress community.

Great Social Features Social

Lots of features like friendships, groups, likes and more will take your WordPress community website to the next level.

Great Profile Profile Feature

The best features for you to create amazing profiles, like private profiles, 12 different tabs and 20 different widgets.

8 Essential Wall Post Types

Maybe you need to make your writing shine! Images, links, emojis and all kinds of media!

Completely redo the login/registration form

  1. Login/Register Button – enabled in the top bar, it allows user to login/register from any inner page via Login/Register popup.
  2. Password Eye allows you to show/hide your password whenever you need.
  3. User Profile Preview – after logging in, the user can see a preview of his or her profile with the main links on the home page.
  4. User can choose a page to be redirected after authorization.

Improved and improved navigation

  1. Editable User Menu – create your user menu with favorite links for quick navigation through the social networking site.
  2. Improved title style on mobile phones – the new header style allows users to display more navigation elements on mobile and simultaneously place a fixed left panel, user menus and functions. “search” function.

Includes SVG illustrations, badges and icons!

We’ve included all the PSD file headers with 7 illustrated titles and 15 badges, all made with PS vectors! We also include over 50 custom-made SVG icons. Have fun customizing all the elements!

Ready for eCommerce with WooCommerce

Create a standout store with WooCommerce plugin. Your store has never been so beautiful. Furthermore, Olympus is a social networking theme with hundreds of member profiles. Building a great store social network means taking a big step towards massive commercial success.

Olympus Powered Plugins – Social Networking WordPress Theme


Extend the functionality of social networks!


Easily create your own forum and discuss topics


Create a standout store and take a step towards commercial success

RT Media

Add colorful images, music albums and more to your network theme

WPML & Polylang

Translate the Olympus theme into different languages


Reward users and give them points for their actions! *NOT INCLUDED

Changelogs: Olympus – Social Networking WordPress Theme

>>> v3.80 [27.08.2021]
[fix] Woocommerce filter when categories selected
[fix] Remove “Login” word from Registration button
[improve] Add computability with the latest Yozify plugin
[improve] All plugins updated
[add] Elementor template for a single post
[add] Exclude single posts & post categories in Content restriction

>>> v3.75 [02.08.2021]
[fix] content restriction for both pages and activity pages
[fix] Compatibility with WP Event Manager plugin
[improve] theme installation process (purchase code check)
[Fix] User redirect after registration

>>> v3.55 [23.06.2021]
Updated embedded plugins
Fixed login pop-up registration

>>> v3.50 [15.06.2021]
[improve] fonts loading optimization
[improve] the total price in the shop cart
[fix] TikTok video preview on the blog page
[Add] Custom icons for forums
[fix] Menu typography and icons issue
[improvement] Add login/register form as Gutenberg block
[Improve] Add compatibility with Dokan Marketplace plugin
[improve] Fix small CSS issues on the mobile version
[integration] Related Posts for WordPress plugin
[fix] empty Points page

>>> v3.40 [21.05.2021]
[fix] Error in the elementor extension when BuddyPress groups disabled
[fix] Deprecated Notices in Elementor Plugin
[fix] Form labels styles incompatibility with MyCreed
[improve] Make the “Complete Registration” button visible on the first phone screen
[Fix] CSS style fixes
[fix] Share button on grid cropped
[fix] Stunning header styles meta box
[improvement] add ajax search for all user fields
[improved] Content restriction
[updated] Plugins

>>> v3.30 [21.04.2021]
[add] possibility to edit the notification icons
[fix] mismatching colors of the notifications
[fix] option for customizing colors
[fix] scrolling the blog page when switching between pagination buttons
[add] sidebar width option
[add] an option to upload custom reactions images
[add] option for changing icon size in the user panel
[add] Author archive page option
[improve] post type icons on the mobile version
[fix] link for updated details
[improve] Full posts width via WP Bakery
[add] carousel scrolling for groups

>>> v3.20 [25.03 2021]
Fixed video widget on the activity page sidebar
Added theme elements that weren’t editable before to the theme colors options.
Fixed social login possibility for the Olympus login forms
Fixed minor theme errors
Fixed the reply to the comment area
Plugins versions Updated

>>> Version 3.15 [01.03 2021]
[added]full compatibility with Youzify
[added] the latest version of Youzify
[fix] post-draft display
[fix] Minor code improvements
[fix] PHP8 Compatibility

>>> v3.11 [22.02.2020]
[fix] Fontawesome icons in the left panel menu
[fix] Events calendar list page
[add] option to restrict content for non-registered users
[fix] Extended search funcitonality
[fix]footer widgets display when Unyson disabled
[fix]Youzer Login form issue
[improve] minor code improvements
[fix] Typography issues

>>> v3.9.9 [02.02.2020]
[improve] a problem with the Latest post theme widget
[improve] styles for groups widget on the activity page
[improve] the dropdown menu animation
[improve] notifications without reloading the page
[Improve] Register Form Fields
[improve] possibility to show content for a template “blog”
[improve] login via the blog post
[Improve] Add missed translation for registration form
[fix] styling issues with using WooCoomerce shortcodes
[fix] color option for headings typography
[fix] option for changing text color in Elementor
[fix] Removed extra padding on the side menu
[fix] spaces between menu titles in the footer
[fix] hide the repeated word “optional” on the checkout page
[fix] post reactions
[fix] Clients slider Elementor widget
[fix] default post type
[fix] theme Olympus is broken after demo install
[fix] blog comments
[fix] demo data for WPBakery
[add] translation for post-reaction extension
[add] Add additional post sorting parameter – Post name
[add] default “stunning header” option for a single post

>>> Version 3.9.8 [21.12.2020]
Fixed an option for opening links in a new window/tab
Fixed the usage of shortcodes in the Welcome Back title for WPBakery
Fixed automatical dropdowns for the top menu in WPBakry live editor
Updated WPBakery up to version 6.5
Adjusted icons for online and verified user to the same color
Enabled the usage of custom Elementor headers
Added block of the stunning header options for single posts
Improved notifications:
– hided zero notifications if there aren’t any in the social header
– confirming actions ‘mark as read’ & ‘delete’ without reloading on the notifications page
– improved the popup box behind the notification panel for the responsive mode

>>> Version 3.9.3 [26.11.2020]
Fixed unclickable link of the friends requests
Fixed the mobile version of the notification bar (hidden if notifications are disabled)
Fixed showing titles for blog posts v2 & v3 if the stunning header disabled
Added a possibility to change a default icon in search results
Fixed the left menu panel scroll in the mobile version

>>> Version 3.9 [18.11.2020]
Added autoinstallation of the WPBakery plugin
Added possibility of uploading gif files as a logo
Added a possibility of replacing the default theme footer with a custom Elementor footer
Fixed parallax background of stunning headers for mobile devices
Fixed logotype options in the footer area
Fixed issue with a dropdown list on a single product page
Improved styles for the checkout page
Improved styles for the checkout page
Improved the sign-in form – restricted to fill in the form fields with gaps
Improved responsiveness of the theme

>>> Version 3.8.5 [02.11.2020]
– Improved posts styles for the mobile version
– Fixed ajax bugs in blog and search
– Fixed minor bugs in the extended search extension
– Fixed option for adding coupons to a shopping cart
– Fixed option for stunning header text alignment on a single page

>>> Version 3.8 [12.10.2020]
– Added 404 page options
– Added ajax shop card upditing without page reloading
– Added the Extended Search extension
– Improved stunning header styles
– Improved Left Menu Panel:
– ability to make Left Menu Panel always open
– added typography options for Left Menu Panel
– possible to add subitems to Left Menu Panel
– Updated Youzer up to version 2.6.2
– Updated WPBakery up to version 6.4.1
– Small CSS fixes

>>> Version 3.7 [24.09.2020]
Fixed ajax sorting panels
Fixed sharing option for blog pages
Fixed option for customizing menu links color
Fixed animated background for WPBakery rows
Fixed translations for the sign-in form extension
Adjusted ‘Scroll To Top’ button to ‘reCaptcha’ icon
Added post type titles for mobile version

>>> Version 3.6 [08.09.20]
Added Youzer plugin version 2.6.0
Added pricing block for Elementor
Fixed ReCaptcha errors
Fixed blog sorting options
Fixed styles for editing personal info box via fullscreen visual editor

>>> Version 3.5 [03.09.20]
Added Olympus sign-in form options to Customize > Sign-in options
Improved Olympus sign-in form options:
-ReCaptcha option
-options for enabling confirmation email
-option for changing mail sender’s details on the confirmation email
-options for editing Olympus sign-in form fields
-added feature of showing newly registered users to the newsfeed
-improved redirect options
Moved Color and Background image options in Customize > Design customize
Added Preloader, Sections padding, Pages Content Width options to Customize > Design customize
Added options for choosing share post links in blogs to Customize > Blog > Single Post Elements
Added sharing links to blog grid, masonry, list pages
Improved styles for menus in the profile page in the mobile version
Fixed options for Youzer buttons border style and tabs icons style
Fixed styles for messages
Fixed option for changing text size via Elementor

>>> Version 3.3 [17.08.20]
[fix] stunning header for Members Newsfeed
[fix] missing styles for social login buttons
[fix] the profile tab icons in mobile view
[fix] warning on the blog pages when Ajax Categories filter is enabled
[fix] the notification panel
[fix] youtube video posts
[fix] comment section on Youzer activity page
[improve] stunning header options
[improve] moving All options to Customize panel
[improve] change the name of the Sign-in Form field
[improve] Top User Menu
[improve] Plugins updated
[add] Youzer into Olympus sign-in form
[add] possibility to change the background color for shop pages

>>> Version 3.2.5
Moved options from Appearance > Theme Settings to Customize panel for Footer and Stunning header
Fixed styles for Youzer 2.5.3 [07.08.2020]
Fixed notification panel if ‘Login|User Menu’ section is disabled
Fixed missing styles for social login buttons in the Olympus sign-in form
Fixed title editing for Members Newsfeed stunning header
Fixed Youzer profile tabs icons in mobile view

>>> Version 3.2.1 [24.07.2020]
– Small Fix for style dependencies
– Fix for shop page sorting panel

>>> Version 3.2 [23.07.2020]
Added LearnPress compatibility
Added WPForo compatibility
Added DirectoriesPro compatibility
Added option for enabling native Youzer icons
Updated WooCoomerce templates
Fixed rtMedia notices
Fixed notices on the event pages
Fixed page layout when shortcodes added
Fixed missing icons on group pages
Fixed missing icons in the message section
Fixed top user menu in the mobile version
Fixed emoji panel in the comment section
Fixed Like/Dislike icon color
Fixed option for disabling Youzer account settings copyright
Fixed option for excluding blog categories

>>> Version 3.1.
Added demo data with WP Bakery
Added an option to change Login icon
Added Youzer popup register form to Singh popup button
Added compatibility with Digits plugin
Added sorting options for posts in Elementor News grid
Fixed notices on Youzer pages
Fixed missing icons
Fixed some untranslatable phrases
Fixed Search styles
Fixed styles for Message button in member profiles
Fixed the background color of Youzer boxes in the mobile version
Fixed styles for Youtube Videos in blogs
Fixed bugs in the notification panel
Fixed styles for Upcoming Events widget
Fixed styles for Left Menu on IOS mobile devices
Full changelog can be found by this link https://crumina.net/theme-updates/olympus-version-3-1-released/

>>> Version 3.0.
Full changelog can be found by this link https://crumina.net/theme-updates/olympus-version-3-0-released/

>>> Version 2.9.1
– Improved option for disabling theme styles on Youzer elements
– Fixed search results page styling
– Fixed Woocommece styling
– Added a missed icon for Yozer

>>> Version 2.9
– Added option for deactivating theme styles on Youzer elements
– Styling improvements on Youzer extensions elements
– Styling improvements in the Sign In form
– Styling improvements in the top navigation menu
– Styling improvements for new Event Calendar stylesheet
– Fixed logo height om mobile
– Styling improvements of the user profile backend area
– Fixed social share icons display on single post
– Updated bundled plugins

>>> Version 2.8 March 19, 2020
– Fix translation issues
– updated Font Awesome
– updated WooCommerce templates
– Updated plugins
– Added compatibility with latest Youzer plugin (2.4.1)
– Fix CSS issues

>>> Version 2.7, from February 17, 2020
– Updated bundled plugins
– Fixed login link while adding review on the woocommerce product
– Fixed blog options within Gutenberg editor
– Fixed options for the footer logo
– Renamed tooltips on the notification icons in the top header
– Edited text in the Sign Up form
– Fixed Privacy Policy link in the Sign In form
– Styling improvements on the Woocommece pages
– Fixed Events list page on the laptop screens
– Added Fiverr social icon to the Team members block
– Fixed styles of the emoji icons in the Youzer comments
– Fixed topbar menu on the Samsung Internet browser
– Added styles for the BP Profile Search plugin
– Improved styling of the stunning header on mobile resolutions

>>> Version 2.6. December 6, 2019

>>> Fixed styling issues related to the Youzer version 2.3.9
Fixed error related to the Woocommerce cart dropdown
Fixed icon in the Community hashtags widget
Fixed styling issues in IE11
Fixed Woocommerce product image in Cart

>>> Version 2.5 14.11.2019

>>> – Fixed system requirement notices
– Updated Woocommerce templates
– Fixed error in class-fw-auto-install.php file
– Fixed buttons size on the Groups page
– Fixed post social share buttons
– Added styling for the BuddyPress Follow plugin
– Fixed layout on IE11

>>> Version 2.4.7., October 30, 2019
– Improved post share buttons
– Fixed Youzer content width
– Improved height of the profile boxes on the Members page
– Improved buttons size on the Groups page
– Fixed Terms and Conditions checkbox on the Woocommerce checkout page
– Removed Google + icon
– Updated language file
– Small improvements in mobile design

>>> Version 2.4.2
– Fixed small issue with contact form module
– Fix small CSS issue

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