WPLMS v4.1 – Learning Management System For WordPress, Education Theme


WPLMS is learning management system for WordPress, Education WordPress topic based on BuddyPress.

WPLMS is a WordPress LMS. It is a venture grade Learning management system for WordPress. A total system with components of the multitude of provisions of any cutting edge LMS.

WPLMS is based on BuddyPress and WooCommerce, it offers the best of Social and eCommerce sites. From enormous organizations to huge number of effective training new companies around the world

WPLMS is the main decision in case you are searching for a total programming. It is worked for Lecturers, Education Training Centers, Corporate Training, Coaching Centers, Course Tutors, Colleges, Academy, Universities, Schools and MOOC stages.

Demo: https://themeforest.net/search/6780226


Features WPLMS Learning Management System for WordPress, Education Theme

  • Course
    • Make and sell courses
    • Make and transfer custom identifications and endorsements
    • Free unit for course review
    • Supports sound/video and unit connections
    • Course prospectus and course span
    • Course audits and evaluations
    • Select course gatherings and discussions
    • End work:
      • Course guide audit
      • Clear reset courses for understudies
      • By and large course record
      • Understudy Index
      • Course results
      • Robotized messages and warnings
      • Mass informing
      • Live status in Course Timeline
      • Set course status, reward focuses for the course
      • Grant endorsement, identification
      • Enrollment augmentation
    • Custom Widget: BP Course Widget
      • Show courses arranged by #student, #rank, #review, date
      • Show courses in menus, course records, and course merry go rounds
    • Custom Widget: BP Course Search
      • Search in courses
      • Select Instructor, Course Category or Course Level to look in
    • Custom Widget: Course Reviews
      • Show course audits
      • Show course audits in singles, records and merry go rounds
    • Custom Widget: Site Stats
      • Show site wide details
      • Show # Trainers, #students, #cifts, #units, and so on
    • Custom Add-ons: BP Course Instructor
      • Show Instructor of Single Course
      • Show different courses taken by Instructor
  • Skip
    • Question bank
    • Programmed evaluation
    • clock test
    • Timetable test
    • Quesiton Types: Multiple Choice, Multiple Exactly, Fill In the Blank, Sort, Combine, Drop-Down Select, Small Text Type and Essay Type
    • Definite outcomes
    • Auto messaging and warnings
    • End work:
      • Auto Quiz/Manual Review
      • Ask understudies inquiries
      • Test Automatically Submit on Expiration.
      • In Course versus Independent Test
      • One inquiry for each edge or numerous inquiries per outline
      • Live status in the Quiz Timeline
      • Supports Audio, Video, Latex tests
      • Test insights, download understudies’ scores
      • Dynamic inquiries, make test from question bunch
      • Offer/Print Result
  • Exercise
    • Exercises like HomeWork, Timer (in days), Auto-send
    • Transfer numerous activities
    • Article type works out
    • Remember tasks for Courses, Lessons, Events
    • Definite outcomes with teacher remarks
    • Auto messaging and warnings
    • End work:
      • Move Rate User Manual
      • Reset tasks for understudies
      • Task Auto Submit when time expires.
      • Remarks from educators
      • Message, Notification or Email
  • Insights
    • Definite insights
      • Full Course Index
      • Puzzle details
      • Task record
    • Educator Index (Front End):
      • Full Course Index
      • Savvy Student Index
    • Administrator details:
      • Outline: Total number of understudies, educators, courses, #course understudies diagram
      • Course details: Each course has #students, GPA, #badges, #certificates
      • Educator details: Each teacher has #students, GPA, #badges, #certificates
  • Clump trade/import
    • Commodity CSV
      • Import and make Courses, Quizzes, Quizzes, Assignments
      • Import and make clients
      • Associate clients to courses, tests, tasks with marks
    • Import CSV
      • Full Course Index
      • Keen Student Index
    • Administrator details:
      • Outline: Total number of understudies, educators, courses, # of understudies course chart
      • Course details: Each course has # understudies, GPA, # identifications, # certificates
      • Educator details: Each teacher has # understudies, GPA, # identifications, # testaments
  • FaceBook, Twitter, Google furthermore, Integrated Login through saperate module connect
  • Shop
    • Different courses in a single item
    • Empower/Disable Subscription
    • Custom membership term for every item
    • Custom WooCommerce Widgets
      • Value channel
      • Progressed WooCommerce Carousels
  • Custom header login board
  • Exceptional BuddyPress interface
  • Custom LSM Module
  • Private course bunch
  • Private Course Forum
  • BuddyPress Security Options
    • Empower/Disable access for understudies, personnel, directors or all
    • Empower/Disable gatherings admittance to understudies, personnel, administrators or all
    • Empower/Disable gathering creation for understudies, instructors, directors
    • Show/conceal Single User Profile Activity
    • Show/conceal Single User Profile Group
    • Show/conceal Single User Forum
  • Responsive and RetinaReady
  • Viable with most recent WordPress and WooCommerce variants
  • Super Menu Widgetized
  • CSS3 Animation
  • WordPress local video and sound shortcode support
  • Premium LayerSlider module
  • Intuitive page developer
    • Make limitless page formats
    • Accessible sliders : Layer Slider, FlexSlider
    • Manufacturer framework design with lattice and endless parchment
    • Incorporates Sidebars
    • Make filterable posts with pagination
    • Multi-segment/rotational square transport
    • Four kinds of squares
    • 1/4,1/2,1/3.3/4.2/3,FullWidth Layout Blocks
    • Fullscreen Stripe Layout Block for Parallax stripe and Fullwidth Sliders
    • Save full Page and Layout parts and reuse in different pages
    • Apply custom CSS and Class to each component inside PageBuilder.
    • Element Import/Export & Layout.
  • Live theme customization
    • Change theme element background/color
    • Adjust font size
    • Change all font families/styles from 600+ Google fonts
    • Change font color
    • Import/export Customizer settings.
  • ShortCode Generator with Live Preview
    • Tabs, Accordion, Toggles
    • Popups, Gallery (Lightbox with sharing)
    • Animated Menu
    • Headings
    • Columns
    • Form Generator with validation
    • Buttons & Icons
    • Audio & Video
    • Team
    • Testimonial
    • Alerts, Tooltips, Notes, Progress Bars
  • Awesome slider
    • Premium Layer Slider
    • FlexSlider
  • Advanced Vibe Options Dashboard
    • Header with Logo / Favicon
    • Unlimited Sidebars
    • BuddyPress Privilege Options
    • Choose a social media icon style from 6 options
    • Add social sharing in Blog posts
    • Connect Post Layout, Page Builder, Featured Components with custom post types.
    • Export/Import Settings
  • Post feature
    • Any Filterable Portfolio Style column with pagination on/off
    • Any build column layout with infinite scroll & pagination
    • Support HTML5 audio/video, Vimeo, Youtube, Blip.tv, Gallery
  • Sample layout
    • Three-page layout [Leftbar | Right sidebar | Full width].
    • Select Sidebar for the page.
    • Show/Hide title/Title, breadcrumbs & post author.
  • Template Builder
    • Create unlimited forums.
    • Data validation
    • Support Text, Textarea, Select option.
  • Multi-function pop-up window
    • Add any Dynamic Content available on Click or Page Load.
    • Attach any Template/Slider/Content in pop-up window.
  • Multifunctional custom widget
    • Vibe’s Advanced Twitter Feed Widget
    • VibeCom Flickr Feed Widget
    • Vibe’s Instagram Widget
    • Vibe Tab Widget (Most Popular, Recent, Posts, Portfolio, Tags,..)
    • Vibe Carousel shows Posts (recent/popular) with large images.
    • Vibe Posts, list posts with thumbnail option widget (Recent/Popular)
    • Vibe testimonials, showing selected testimonials
    • Vibe Gallery, displaying responsive gallery.
    • Vibe WooCommerce Carousels, showcase featured, discount, recent, etc WooCommerce products in carousels.
    • Vibe WooCommerce Advanced Filter, display colors, images as selection links instead of a simple list in WooCommerce Store Pages as product filters.
    • Vibe WooCommerce Advanced Filter Selection, which displays selected filters with classes instead of a simple list.
  • CSS3 animations
    • More than 15 animation effects
    • Effects appear only on load when the element is clearly visible on the screen
  • One-click automatic update.
  • WordPress 3.0 Multi-Level Dropdown Menu.
  • Translation is ready.
  • Responsive HTML5 Video Player with Flash Fallback
  • Responsive audio player for hosted audio files.
  • Influence library.
  • Design without HTML5 and CSS3 tags.
  • Over 600 Google Web Fonts. (Change element font in theme settings)
  • Retina Ready Gravtars
  • Easily add Google Analytics.
  • Unlimited Popups with open page loading function
  • Tab: Horizontal & Vertical
  • Full desktop option.
  • Works in all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome

Changelog WPLMS Learning Management System for WordPress, Education Theme Nulled Free

Theme Update :
1. Version 3.9 users can now use 4.1 framework.
2. Discard old vibe-course-module, vibe-customtypes, vibe-shortcodes, wplms-assignments,wplms-front-end, wplms-dashboard plugins and move to wplms plugin.
3. Optional integration with Vibebp login or stick to old WP login system.
4. Enable WPLMS version 4 to execute on 1 page to convert into app and publish app on app stores.

v4.099 – [ 2nd AUGUST’21]

* filter on vibe_get_option
* instructor demo in demo switcher
* instructor demo import and elementor post css fix
* review replies
* pmpro checkout page captcha error
* group id printing fix
* font icons
* php 8 warnings
* blog directory page blank issue fix in v4v4.098
* filter on vibe_get_option
* instructor demo in demo switcher
* instructor demo import and elementor post css fix
* review replies
* pmpro checkout page captcha error
* group id printing fix
* font icons
* php 8 warnings
* blog directory page blank issue fix in v4

= WPLMS 4.096 , VibeBP, WPLMS 1.4.9 =
1. [Bug Fix] Login does not show user pic & name in BP Single Page
2. [Bug] Curriculum icon Fix
3. [Bug] Empty User object shows “undefined”
4. [Update] Font Swap parameter added
5. [Bug] Fixed row issue in Bootstrap 4 mode.
1. [Bug] Editing content removes the content.
VibeBP 1.4.9
1. [Bug] Editor fixes in multiple editor view
2. [Bug] Image, links missing in multiple editor
3. [Bug] Accordion, Notes, Tabs with multi-editor fixes
4. [Update] French and Spanish translations added
5. [Bug] Bulk delete notification fix
6. [Bug] Activity delete fix
7. [Bug] Service worker not loading fonts issue
WPLMS Plugin 1.4.9
1. [Updated] Course approval for Instructors
2. [Updated] QnA panel also contains unanswered comments for Instructors in Manage courses
3. [Bug] Iframe video in question explanations
4. [bug] Accordion in no-jQuery mode
5. [bug] Location & Levels not showing in course direcotyr
6. [Updated] Quiz floating/decimal point & floating/decimal negative marking
7. [Added] javascript only PDF Certificates without PDF Certificates plugin.
8. [Bug] Fix added for header overlap, when fullscreen course pursue minimised.
9. [bug] CoAuthors directory filters not working correctly
10. [bug] External button not working correctly
11. [Bug] Course Progress not updating for quiz.
12. [Bug] Single course popup for video
13. [Added] Hide all filters in course directory switch in elementor directory widget
14. [Bug] PRofile courses, Instructing courses fix
15. [Bug] Load course via pages. Directory in PWA showing loading sign when service workers enabled.
16. [Added] Achievements ( Show certificates/ Badges) in USer profile, Elementor widget added.
17. [Bug] No heading carousel arrows fixed
18. [Bug] Shortcodes scripts js/css path fix
19. [Updated] Taxonomy search bar added, if terms more than 8 in create course/quiz/question
20. [Bug] Warnings removed when no vibebp installed in wplms_plugin
21. [Update] Notes, Comments, Reviews edit switch.
22. [Bug] Course button , Start Date / seats not showing
23. [Bug] True false question false mark shows correct.
24. [Updated ] isActive class added on curriculum wrapper.
25. [Updated] French and spanish translations added
26. [Bug] Editor changes not appearing in units.

WPLMS 4.095.2
Login trigger not working.

API not working because double slash detected in some cases
Missing Labels in login trigger
Group invites not working.

[Update] Student and Instructor menus supported
[Bug] Blog Category page
[Update] Single Quiz Improvements
[Bug] Login dropdown colors from Customizer – Header -Login colors
[Bug] Team shortcode bug fix.
[Update] Learning center added in demo switcher
[bug] Search layouts issue in bootstrap 4
[bug] Default Group layout
[bug] javascript errors in no header / footer
[bug] Demo links updated.

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Download WPLMS Learning Management System for WordPress, Education Theme v4.1 Nulled:


Installation Instructions:

  1. Install the plugin from the “plugins” folder. Absolutely do not activate any plugin in this package
  2. Install the theme from the “theme” folder.
  3. In step 3 use the following key: 8eee753c-8b70-e194-5771-577f3fdce34f
  4. Done
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