Summary of Free Domain Names in 2024

How many free available domain name providers are there now? Let’s summarize today!

Summary of Free Domain Names in 2024
.NOM.ZA8015yesA,NS,SPFSouth Africa
.ze.cxnone18noA,CNAME,NX,christmas island

Before Registry the free Domain Names,Please note the following:

  1. Even non-top-level domains can be hosted on Cloudflare, such as and
  2. All the mentioned top-level domains can be registered at
  3. Acquiring free domain names can be challenging and may have unexpected requirements!

For example:

  1. .tk domains require 25 clicks in 90 days.
  2. requires Serbian citizenship.
  3. Additionally, free domain names are not suitable for hosting websites, as there is a possibility of them being reclaimed due to high traffic.
  4. If you want to create a website or project, I recommend using top-level domains like .com, .net, or .io.
  5. If you need a free domain name and want to use it long-term, I highly recommend free domain name

I hope this information is helpful!

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