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Download WC Vendors Pro – The Best Marketplace Solution For WordPress

WC Vendors Pro extends the functionality of your WC Vendors store to give your merchants and marketplace owners the tools to create a truly powerful online store platform across the entire marketplace.

Vendor dashboard provides all the necessary functionality to allow vendors to fully manage products, orders, coupons, etc. This allows the admin to focus on the next market and provide selling tools to your suppliers.

Any visitor to your online store can send you a request to be a seller in your online store. WC Vendors Pro has a wide and flexible installation. You will be able to set commissions for merchants You can configure what features will be available to merchants on your store.

WC Vendors Pro demo

Demo: https://www.wcvendors.com/product/wc-vendors-pro/

Features WC Vendors Pro – The Best Marketplace Solution for WordPress

Features WC Vendors Pro
  • Pro Dashboard: your supplier reports sales through graphs
  • Ability to add/edit full-featured front-end products
  • Full support for all product types, Simple, grouped, downloadable, even transformable products are all integrated into the front end dashboard
  • Professional shipping module so suppliers can add shipping rates for each product, as well as a country table rate system. Shipping regions are not supported at this time.
  • eBay Style Feedback System for Supplier Ratings
  • Shipment tracking for supplier to enter tracking number
  • Various types of commissions like percentage, percentage + fee, flat fee and even flat fee + fee.
  • Vendor-only coupons that vendors can create to create their own coupons for their products, admins cannot create market coupons at this time.
  • Vendor shop banners, avatars/icons and additional information are fully customizable
  • Social module to add Facebook/twitter/google+ and more
  • Extended order notes
  • Customizable template system to configure, adjust, and style your store and dashboard however you see fit.

Changelog WC Vendors Pro

“Download WC Vendors Pro v1.8.5 – Marketplace Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free
v1.8.5 – 16th September 2022

  • Added: Mark received button on order list mark the order received for all vendors
  • Added: Creating Coupons for specific Vendors as Admin #1692
  • Fixed: Everywhere Else option was removed from shipping (#1689)
  • Fixed: Disk usage and file count are not being updated when files of the user are deleted or added
  • Fixed: Unable to create virtual products when dimensions are required
  • Fixed: Product form field wrong place
  • Fixed: The email reminder scheduling does not work
  • Fixed: Order Notification for the vendor does not include the coupon discount

Templates Updated

Version 1.7.7 – 4th November 2020
* Added: An option to turn off HTML editor for the Settings >> Store notice #1347 (#1399)
* Updated: Adjusted how media is counted to fix comment box showing on dashboard page #1401
* Updated: Disabling WooCommerce shipping should disable shipping in all areas of pro #1161 (#1394)
* Updated: Hide an order on the vendor dashboard if the commission is $0.00 #1256 (#1369)
* Updated: Pro Vendor list containers issue – The store description and icon does not respond accordingly in mobile/smaller views #1352 (#1370)
* Updated: Orders Action’s Tracking number feature – No validation for the Tracking number field #1351 (#1373)
* Updated: Tested to WC & WP Version
* Updated: Removed old shipping fields from registration form (#1412)
* Updated: Refactor coupon form (#1410)
* Fixed: Coupon minimum and maximum applying to whole order #1392 (#1411)
* Fixed: Deleted products showing incorrect product title (#1408)
* Fixed: Product handling fees not applying correctly #1366
* Fixed: Form still submits with required attribute still empty #1395
* Fixed: Vendor list pro shortcode – order by parameter gets ignored in the search results if user were to use the WC Vendors Pro Vendor search widget #1251 (#1400)
* Fixed: WC Vendor Pro causing WooCommerce Bookings to invalidate all costs fields #1380
* Fixed: Single product shipping panel information (#1397)
* Fixed: Store banner defaults to random image instead of using the one set by the admin #1384 (#1385)
* Fixed: Orders action’s tracking number feature – Some tracking companies listed in our tracking feature does not provide the tracking link #1350 (#1375)
* Fixed: Hide Attribute #1296 (#1379)
* Fixed: Plugin loading issue (#1389)

* Templates updated

v1.7.4 – 8th April 2020
* Added: Tags limit for products #1050 (#1244)
* Added: CSS IDs to dashboard menu (#1232)
* Added: Option to use billing address if shipping address is empty. (#1218)
* Updated: Tested to WooCommerce 4.0.1 and WordPress 5.4
* Updated: Moved actions to fix loading issues
* Updated: Added extra check in dashboard asset loading
* Updated: Allow empty vacation message, use default vacation message. (#1243)
* Updated: Add address columns to vendor order export. (#1240)
* Updated: Remove redundant shipping fields #1234
* Fixed: Opening hour saving issue #946 (#1245)
* Fixed: Vendor’s list actions outputting incorrectly. (#1250)
* Fixed: Delete icon on product gallery images missing when editing product (#1242)
* Fixed: Some strings are not translatable #1146 (#1241)
* Fixed: Move function out of filter. (#1249)
* Fixed: Error message that overlaps with label in media uploader (#1239)
* Fixed: Performance issue on main vendor dashboard #1229 (#1230)
* Fixed: vendor search query (#1236)
* Fixed: meta_query meta key search values
* Fixed: PHP warning on setup wizard
* Fixed: Display store url used in Facebook opengraph (#1219)
* Fixed: Product shipipng tab notices
* Fixed: Product attribute terms custom ordering (#1216)

Version 1.7.3 – 6th February 2020
* Added: Confirmation when mark order shipped (#1188)
* Added: target css classes for product and coupon tables (#1203)
* Added: Reset default store banner #1111 (#1189)
* Updated: Removed unused code that was moved to marketplace
* Updated: Check Sold Individually by default if required. (#1187)
* Update: Deprecate show_products and replace with has_products in vendor list shortcode (#1184)
* Updated: Updated actions in settings and signup forms (#1169)
* Fixed: Fixed Commission not using quantity #1211 (#1212)
* Fixed: Performance issue on large stores #1147 (#1208)
* Fixed: Default value on get_option for category
* Fixed: Namespace mobile CSS classes. #1201
* Fixed: Google Maps US addresses not formatted correctly. #1198
* Fixed: New shipping settings does not display on the shipping tab. #1193
* Fixed: Undefined index on product page for 3rd party integrations (#1205)
* Fixed: Recalculate order status issue (#1196)
* Fixed: Save commission type in wizard. (#1197)
* Fixed: Free shipping setting on the store, product and vendor level would not be applied (#1199)
* Fixed: Description for company blog / url
* Fixed: Missing default value for get_option
* Fixed: Undefined index errors on shipping tabs
* Fixed: Store Categories Widget generating wrong URL from single product page #1179 (#1183)
* Fixed: Link to correct doc article (#1185)
* Fixed: Order Note capabilities. (#1182)
* Fixed: Product Min type error on Products list dashboard page. #1180 (#1181)
* Fixed: Duplicated behavior filter #1175 (#1176)
* Fixed: Disabling Delete product capability doesn’t disable single product tools #1172 (#1173)

Version 1.7.2 – 12th December 2019
Added: Filter wcv_ratings_my_account_my_orders_actions
Fixed: Store icon and Store banner can’t be removed from the Vendor Pro dashboard #1157 (#1158)
Fixed: JS errors after updating build tool.

Version 1.6.5 – 11th September 2019
Added: Responsive vendor dashboard
Added: Short description and tags to product download template
Added: Filter for product redirect url
Updated: Make Variations inherit form settings #928
Updated: Remove Google+ from social media list #1092 (#1100)
Updated: Use localization function for labels (#1081)
Updated: Adjusted drop down to use Vendor display name instead of username
Fixed: Recalculate commission is using incorrect product price #1075
Fixed: Vendor policies formatting issues on single product tabs #1097
Fixed: Deprecated jQuery calls in javascript files #1096 (#1099)
Fixed: Bug in Vendor Dashboard on mobile for shipping tab #1094 (#1095)
Fixed: Pro dashboard rewrites fail if sub page of free dashboard #1014 (#1083)
Fixed: Orders not showing in Orders tab when shipping disabled #1088
Fixed: ‘Free’ Shop Header causing ‘Shop Single Product Header’ option not to work
Fixed: Coupon after action product price incorrect
Fixed: Link to settings page in vacation notice incorrect #1080
Fixed: Commission tiers lookup method
Fixed: Incorrect notice displayed for disk usage exceeded
Fixed: Recalculate commissions not using the order date

* Templates Updated

Version 1.6.4 – 12th June 2019
Added: Product shipping helper method
Added: Ability to use SCRIPT_DEBUG for debugging purposes
Updated: Removed unused code
Fixed: Tiered commissions not saving #1057
Fixed: Coupon commission action calculation
Fixed: Deprecated jQuery load calls in dashboard charts and forms
Fixed: Store notice set for one vendor displays in all vendor’s store #1063
Fixed: Free shipping coupon commission calculation incorrect #1055
Fixed: Recalculate commissions not working correctly for coupons or shipping #1051
Fixed: New vendor products not shown on vendor dashboard in WC3.6.x and above #1067
Fixed: Commission coupon product price incorrect #1066
Fixed: SEO title on user edit screen incorrect #1065
Fixed: Disk usage limit labels incorrect on Product > Form pages #1062
Fixed: Single Product Tool – Incorrect template being used when editing #1061
Fixed: Vendor order detail bugs #1059
Fixed: Vendor Shipping doesn’t work with group subscription #1052
Fixed: Inherit default shipping and return policies #1042
Fixed: Commission tab inside Product Data box style problem
Fixed: Country rate table state drop down duplicates (#1047)
Fixed: Coupon value incorrect for commission calculation #1045
Fixed: Coupon is applying to all products during commission calculation #1044

* Templates Updated

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WC Vendors Pro v1.8.5 – The Best Marketplace Solution For WordPress

Download WC Vendors WooCommerce Bookings 1.3.1: 


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